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Zivio Boom Bluetooth headset with flexible, extendable... boom


January 7, 2009

Zivio Bluetooth headset

Zivio Bluetooth headset

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January 7, 2009 Phone conversations in noisy environments present interesting challenges for makers of Bluetooth headsets. And while BlueAnt decided to go with a sophisticated noise canceling algorithm, the Zivio Boom goes about the task of getting a clearer voice out of the microphone in a much more old-fashioned way - with an extendable, bendable Nitinol boom mic that you can position right in front of your mouth. How better to isolate your voice?

The Zivio Boom sits in your ear with a pivoting ear bud, and can also hang over your ear with an optional magnetic loop. It weighs just half an ounce, and the extendable boom is made to flex against your face to sit right at the corner of your mouth. Sound quality is touted as excellent, and you get a surprising 10 hours' talk time out of a single USB charge. We'll test those claims soon, as a review unit's on its way.

There's not a lot else to say at this point; it's a Bluetooth headset. But with that boom mic' hanging down, the President is sure to feel extra safe.

It's available for US$129.95 from the MyZivio website.

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