Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag adds a dose of flexibility to the camping equation


May 21, 2012

The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag

The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag

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While a good quality sleeping bag is a solid investment for keeping the crisp night air at bay, said bag can quickly become an oven when the ambient temperature heads northwards. Add to this the cramped nature of snoozing in a sack and you get a recipe for discomfort that some of us find hard to bear. The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag aims to overcome these issues with a design that brings a little versatility to the equation.

The bag is divided into four segments with zippers running horizontally across the body (ankles, knees, waist, and chest) so that you can regulate temperature and stick your limbs out as you please.

The bag has a nylon outer shell and cotton flannel lining with four-layer microfiber insulation in between. It's rated to 20º F (-6.6º C), weighs 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) and costs US$119.95. There's also a pillow included which fits in a built in sleeve.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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Wow, what a truly horrible idea: Heat leaks and uncomfortable zippers all over the top of your bag! Was there really a problem that this solves? Unzip the side or throw off the top if you're hot. Have to say, overheating doesn't appear to be a problem with that bag anyway--looks like a car-camping bag at best (at 5.5 lbs with a cotton liner), and maybe even more of a sleepover bag. No way that is taking anyone down to 20 deg F.


I must agree with Arf! This looks vary uncomfortable……kind of like having a hole in your sock and your big toe sticking through in on a long hike! Seem that it would be better to have panels that zip off. Then you could have a mesh window like a tent window.


Ridiculous. It would be better to be built in layers, like a bedroll, that could be added or removed as was needed. However, this type of sleeping bag is in no danger of OVER heating, Seems to me, you would have trouble staying warm enough. A good bedroll can give a good nights sleep even in the open during a rain storm.


I'll take a tarp and blankets before I take that ridiculous bag.


I think the idea is great. I have a the problem of my feet freezing, my arms needing to be covered but with air circulation near my head. This idea may need refining but my current down bag is usually out from under me with my torso covered, hands out, legs uncovered and my feet tucked in. Believe me there is a market for this! I would love to try one and give you my review Hammacher-Schlemmer!

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