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Zipit adds SMS texting capability to Z2 wireless instant messaging device


December 20, 2007

December 21, 2007 Zipit Wireless, Inc. has announced it will begin offering SMS text messaging to users of the Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 (Z2), providing the ability to communicate with mobile phones, other Zipit devices and PC's.

According to Zipit this is the first and only purely Wi-Fi based device to offer the flexibility of both SMS and IM messaging.

The Z2 allows users to have multiple, concurrent conversations with their friends for free at any Wi-Fi enabled home or at any open or free wireless “hotspot.” The new text message service will be integrated within Zipit’s existing IM friends list where multiple text conversations can be held simultaneously and mixed in with IM conversations and instead of an inbox and sent messages folder, conversations are managed in sequential order and stored in a single conversation window. Z2’s text messaging communicates with more than 20 cellular carriers and supports all major IM platforms including AOL, Yahoo and MSN and includes a built-in audio player and photo viewer. To introduce the new feature, all Z2 users will receive the full text messaging service (up to 3000 messages per month) for free through January 31, 2008. Beginning February 1, 2008, Z2 users will be able to add 3,000 messages per month for USD$4.99.

The Z2 is available for USD$149.99 exclusively from Zipit Wireless.

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