Video: 2014 Zero SR makes us question everything


May 18, 2014

2014 Zero SR: review video still

2014 Zero SR: review video still

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Last week, we rode the 2014 Zero SR, and its awesome electric performance made us question everything we thought we knew about motorcycling. Here's our road test video.

(Warning: This video contains strong language, and Dad jokes)

Music: Malcolm in the Middle East by the awesome Cory Jach.

Cameras and post assistance by the most excellent Dave Abbott.

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The workings of the bike is great, but is just so ugly. Zero needs better designers.

Nelson Chick

How about the same bike with this battery:

12 minute recharge time. Oh, the technology!

Jim Parker

I had a long test ride on the 2013 Zero S and loved it. I ride a hopped up Ducati. My Ducati sounds awesome but what I loved about the Zero was the silence. To have the power and handling clearly at my fingertips but to do it quietly was the revolution. I hadn't realized how much the engine sound, vibration & etc was distracting from the pure feeling of cornering. Seriously, when I figure out how to finance the trade from my beloved Ducati to the Zero I'll do it in a heart beat. Try one!


@ mimbuzz -- That's what fascinated me most about the report, yours and the author's: how elements that seemed essential completely disappear and yet the ride is still a complete thrill. These are not electric golf carts!


Without going into the bike ... some J-school type oughta' take this video and use it to teach people how to write and film gear tests the proper way. Absolutely great job on that, boyos.

Now ... gotta figure out how to get me a ride on one of those puppies.

Gary Joyce

Damn I'd happily trade in the Blackbird on one of these suckers but the price...ouch.

Living rural the range and performance have finally made it workable for my daily commute. I wonder which bank I can rob to finance one.


Loz, you are hilarious!

Matrix Key Systems

If you are going to go long distance maybe solar panels would do the trick ;) Seriously though, maybe a plug-n-play spare battery can be put in a luggage bag/hardcase. Although you would want them to be used for personal items, it's a thought. Anyway, cruisers like the Honda Goldwing etc are big enough to have a very large battery to accomodate travelling across the Nullabor.

Nick Heidl

I have not ridden a bike for (sob) over 30 years, since I got cleaned up in traffic in town commuting to work. The useless diva rolled up beside me - I am wearing a fluro jacket, new, bright bulbs in indicators - then decided to ignore a "turning lane only" sign and drive through my front wheel as I started off! This video made me think seriously about trying two wheels again!

The Skud

As awesome as these new Zeros are, they still don't do the trick. I don't know about you guys but all bikers I know (me included) will ride between 400 and 600 km during a beautiful summer day. 171 miles is quite usable and fine for comuting but you ain't going on no trip with this bike. Basically, you still need another bike to enjoy 2 wheel traveling. Until we can charge easily, in many locations and in less than 30 minutes, we still aren't there yet...

Tommy Poirier
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