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Zeal iON goggles boast built-in HD camera


February 2, 2012

HD Camera and ski goggles combine in the Zeal iON

HD Camera and ski goggles combine in the Zeal iON

Action cams have become a ubiquitous part of ski resorts everywhere. They're great for catching your best on-slope moments and sharing them with the world, but they can be a little bit bulky and awkward to use with gloves. The Zeal iON goggles solve this problem by integrating the HD camera right into the goggle frame.

We've seen camera-goggles before - Liquid Image makes a variety of ski goggles and underwater goggles with built-in cameras. The difference with the iON is that it comes from a dedicated eyewear manufacturer rather than a consumer electronics brand. So buyers get what should be a high-performing pair of ski goggles with anti-fog, mirroring Optimum lenses in addition to filming capabilities.

Similar to what the new Recon Instruments Contour app delivers, the iON goggles feature an integrated viewfinder, which gives you a little more creative control in lining up your shots. The camera shoots 1080p footage through a 170-degree wide-angle lens and takes 8-megapixel still photos. It auto-adjusts for light conditions and includes sound recording.

The camera uses large, easy-access controls built into the sides of the goggle frame, so you can quickly change settings. There's also a slot for microSD card. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to six hours of film time.

The iON goggles are part of Zeal's Tech Series. Zeal was the first company to build goggles around Recon Instrument's GPS-based heads-up display, and these goggles add another selection to the wearable technology line.

Zeal iONs will be available as part of Zeal's 2012-13 winter line for US$399. They will come with your choice of Matte Night Black or Moss Green lenses.

Zeal's PR folks only had the one picture available to give us, but the video below shows a closer look at the camera system.

Source: Zeal.

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I feel like the whole goggle vision thing is getting alot of headlines and there are sooooo many brands doing it. Why is this news? Its a been there done that story. Lets get some new stories.

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