Zalando concept car spots fashions, transforms into changing room


March 13, 2013

The  Zalando Fashion Car converts into a changing room

The Zalando Fashion Car converts into a changing room

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The Geneva Motor show isn't just about supercars. There’s also room for a bit of lateral thinking. Online fashion retailer Zalando may seem an unusual participant in the show, but the company’s Zalando fashion car concept aims at merging motoring and shopping for clothes. The concept uses an iPad augmented reality app to spot, identify, order, and pick up fashions worn by passing pedestrians, and the car even morphs into a changing room to try on the items.

Promoting what it calls the “first fashion concept car" that “embodies the online shop’s vision for the future of mobile commerce,” Zalando sees it as the logical extension of its current iPad shopping app.

The car has iPads mounted on the windscreen visors, that use an app developed by Wikitude to scan pedestrians for any fashions offered by Zalando. If it finds one, the driver or passengers can order the items directly from Zalando’s online shop, which will be delivered to the car’s location by GPS. There’s even a “Fashion Box” where the boot should be, for storing shoes and frocks.

However, the oddest thing about the Zalando concept is that raising the hatchback turns it into a rolling changing room for trying on newly-delivered clothes. There’s also what appears to be another iPad in the door – presumably for placing more orders or arranging returns.

Designed and built by the Swiss concept car creator Rinspeed, there isn't any information available regarding the usual details like engine, suspension, handling or performance ... but then the Zalando concept isn't exactly aimed at those who put torques before togs.

The video below shows the Zalando Fashion Car in action.

Source: Zalando via The Telegraph

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This is an extraordinarily stupid self indulgent waste of pixels. When a Four Year old boy asked for a race car design with a half dozen engines, a matching number driving axles, etc., it was OK because a Four Year old boy asked for it. This "concept" runs the literal wheels off of any passing reference to good manners, good taste, and good common sense.


That lady in the first picture is looking around for any would-be rapists.

What about that guy in a hoodie hiding behind that column, looking at me menacingly? Nah its probably fine. Parking garages are renowned for their security and these flimsy curtains couldnt possible let someone past them without first seeking my permission.


now THAT'S a Trunk Show!

Joseph Boe

Why not just call it the "Rapemobile"...... Because every rapist within a 100 miles of that car will know there's a woman changing under the curtain. Universally stupid idea !

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