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YXT ONE redefines the luxury yacht tender


April 21, 2014

YXT ONE is designed to act as a tender for yachts in the 30 m and 70 m (100 to 230 ft) cla...

YXT ONE is designed to act as a tender for yachts in the 30 m and 70 m (100 to 230 ft) class

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The phrase “yacht tender” usually conjures up images of a small, somewhat unassuming launch boat. What generally isn’t expected is something 24 m (78 ft) long that looks like an upmarket tug boat and has never swung from a davit in its life. Designed by Diana Yacht Design and built by LYNX Yachts in Zaandam, the Netherlands, Yacht-X-Tender (YXT ONE) is the first in a new line of bespoke pocket support yachts designed for situations where the main craft isn’t quite big enough to hold all the toys.

Unless you’re the owner of the sort of superyacht that’s basically a small cruise liner by another name, even the most well appointed craft is going to have space as a premium. The question is how to carry extra toys and amenities like spas and saunas, ferry guests about, and provide extras accommodations for guests or crew?

One way is to pile boats and gear on deck, but that just uses up deck space – and there might be that much to begin with. Another is to tow a barge behind, but that’s an inelegant solution, often difficult to carry out, and not all yachts are suited to the task. Then there’s the YXT ONE solution, which is to build another boat to tag along in convoy.

YXT ONE showing the wheel house

According to the builders, YXT ONE is designed to act as a tender for yachts in the 30 m and 70 m (100 to 230 ft) class. Its role is to carry extra boats, equipment, extra accommodation, and even acts as a gym or floating beach club when at anchor. The ferry-like tender with its forward control cabin and large deck aft is built on an aluminum hill stretching 22 m (78 ft) in length and 7 m (23 ft) abeam with a draft of 1.45 m (4 ft).

Below deck are two CAT C18 ACERT diesel engines and a pair of 20 kW Kohler generators which deliver exceptional performance, with bow thrusters for tight-in maneuvering. When under way it can do 16 knots (17 mph, 28 km/h) when cruising with a range of 1,100 nautical miles (1,265 mi, 2,037 km). It can also accommodate four passengers and four crew in two cabins.

The first YXT ONE is currently undergoing sea trials and commissioning, then it will make for the Mediterranean. For future craft, the maker says that the basic design can be tailored to the owner’s specific needs.

The YXT ONE is offered for sale through Fraser Yachts for €3,800,000 (US$5,264,000).

Source: Fraser Yachts

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Now THAT's what a Dive Boat should look like!

22nd April, 2014 @ 03:48 am PDT

That is really nice. I agree, it would make for an excellent dive boat. I can see it also as a good party boat.

22nd April, 2014 @ 05:49 am PDT
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