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Become a human packhorse with the Yoke Shopper


September 24, 2009

The Yoke Shopper is essentially a portable strap

The Yoke Shopper is essentially a portable strap

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As a manly man who will eschew a shopping trolley in favor of carting a multitude of plastic shopping bags (on the rare occasion I forget my more environmentally friendly cloth bag, mind you) to the car - only to find I don’t have the third hand required to find my keys and open the boot - I would probably be the perfect candidate for the Yoke Shopper. This ingeniously simple device allows shoppers to lock together a number of plastic shopping bags and carry them on a shoulder.

Small enough to throw in a handbag or slip into a pocket, the Yoke Shopper is essentially nothing more than a plastic hook with a retractable strap. The lightweight device (60g) has been ergonomically designed to fit an average person’s left or right hand, so it can be used simply to distribute the weight of multiple bags and stop them cutting into one's fingers. Alternatively, the shoulder strap can be pulled out to the required length at the push of the orange button to free up your hands to answer that mobile phone, retrieve those car keys, or smack that attention seeking toddler.

The Yoke Shopper can carry up to six plastic bags, or two bags with strap or ribbon handles, but won’t be able to help with padded or rope handled bags. Its makers say it will support a weight of 10kg and the 1.2 meter (3.9 feet) strap should be long enough to go over anyone’s shoulder and across most people’s bodies.

The Yoke Shopper is available now for UKP£9.99 (approx. USD$16.35 at time of publication).

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Or you could just bring a belt or piece of rope shopping.

Michael Crumpton
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