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Ying Chang's brown paper bowls, plates and vases stand out at Clerkenwell Design Week


May 22, 2013

An item from Ying Chang's Sketch Objects (Photo: Ying Chang)

An item from Ying Chang's Sketch Objects (Photo: Ying Chang)

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Clerkenwell Design Week kicked off in London on Tuesday. Though primarily catering to fans of light shades and soft office furnishings, there are some interesting and innovative gems lurking among the event's 60-odd showrooms. Among them was Ying Chang's Sketch Objects, a series of paper plates, bowls and vases waterproofed on the inside with resin.

Though it's important to remember that this is an artwork rather than a commercial product, Sketch Objects nevertheless raises the intriguing question: why not?

"The ideas is to capture the aesthetic of the temporary moment, to challenge perception of value," Chang told Gizmag. The objects are made of layers of brown paper, sealed on the inside with either fast-cast resin or Jesmonite.

Of course were the idea to be developed commercially, food-safe resins would be essential. It's a compelling proof of concept all the same, even if the intentions behind it were other.

Sketch Objects is part of the Design to Serve exhibition of objects designed for food and drink, on display all week at Craft Central Showcase in Clerkenwell, London. The exhibition is curated by designers Jo Davies and Haidée Drew.

Sources: Ying Chang, Haidée Drew

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