Simple, effective, revolutionary: V-Lock is the perfect keyhole


May 4, 2010

*FACEPALM* Why didn't somebody think of this earlier? V-Lock takes all the fumbling out of finding your keyhole in the dark

*FACEPALM* Why didn't somebody think of this earlier? V-Lock takes all the fumbling out of finding your keyhole in the dark

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Some inventions struggle because they're too complicated to explain. The V-Lock, on the other hand, is gonna do great, because it's instantly understandable even without an explanation, hugely useful and forehead-slappingly simple. Everyone who's ever unlocked a door in the dark will understand the problem and designer Junjie Zhang's clever solution in a flash. We love it and we'll take a dozen please.

Via: Yanko Design.

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I\'ve always wanted a dirt funnel on my front door! Maybe JZ should turn the V over.


available from your local drinking emporium


I think this design has a flaw. The opening is on the top, meaning all the dust will accumulate and clog the key hole.

A better approach would be to have the opening from the bottom, thus also protecting the key hole.

Stephane Eybert

Yes. this is a neat idea. Another idea is a small LED keyring light, which works with every lock


So...just install it upside down.

Maria Linger

Another solution without a problem...I hope I\'m not alone in this, but who would pay a premium for a solution that only solves a problem that occurs maybe one time in a thousand times you use the item? Especially when like @windykites1, a solution already exists! And is it such an effort to stab at the lock 3 or 4 times to get the key in? Come-on...I\'m not THAT lazy! Ed


Hey! what about thinking slightly beyond your own little spheres ? Yes, as a young able bodied being with 20-20 vision, you aren\'t very likely to pay for this solution, but I regularly see my 90 year old grandfather struggle with his key and this is actually a pretty neat solution. Perhaps this could be adapted to just be an addition to your normal lock system - thus keeping the cost minimal. Good idea.

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