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Your very own, portable, Tropical Island Paradise


July 23, 2011

Yacht Island Design's "Tropical Island Paradise"

Yacht Island Design's "Tropical Island Paradise"

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Owning one's own yacht must surely be one of man's greatest indulgences. The ability to take your own tailored environment anywhere you want.

Yacht Island Design creates tailored environment like no other. Following on from its "Streets of Monaco" design is the "Tropical Island Paradise", a 90 metre island with a top speed of 15 knots.

The main deck is a beach "cove" of cabanas surrounding a massive ocean view swimming pool, with a waterfall falling nearby from the volcano.

A bar area, outdoor dining, there's a private spa and four VIP suites for friends, all with their own private balcony.

There's also a helicopter landing pad so those friends can drop in.

Underneath the swimming pool, the recreational area includes jet skis, kayaks and a RIB.

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No doubt all sales contracts come with strings attached!! Lol


A yacht worthy of Thurston Howell. Although I\'ll always be partial to Chantiers de L\'Atlantique\'s Island Cruiser



Mines on order for delivery in the year 4096 when Ive saved up enough

David Robinson

How to boldly proclaim you are one of the planet\'s biggest twawts.

Facebook User

I think the \'concept\' is both amazing and creative, but I also think that the actual \'design\' is an unimaginative eyesore... This one, anyway.


This reminds me of something the snobbish elites in the original \"Rollerball\" would want to be seen on. Bartholemew\'s Yacht.... and the fools would never really fathom the ride they were REALLY being taken on.

Mike Barnett

The first place one these should be used would be located off shore of a country with deployed military troops and allow them to get some much needed rest and relaxation for a week or two during the deployment.

Gene Jordan

\"Concepts\" are just ideas. This isn\'t even real. I could come up with a magnitude of concepts and conceive them in photoshop.


No doubt the Crew of this Island will consist of Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon, John, Brains, Jeff and Tin Tin, not forgetting Lady Penelope and her Butler, Parker. I am sure the party goers, guests and average fare paying holiday guests will get no sleep whatsoever as the Criminals and Despots of the world are put to rights every time one of the Thunderbirds leave the Island at Mach5-4-3-2-1


This is just silly...really!


So is someone proposing to build this vessel?

Or did Gizmag decide to post a pretty picture of a boat someone drew?

Adrian Bancilhon

Hi Ed, So happy to see you the funny side of it ;)


What next? A designer will put green walls on the hul to match the weeds growing on the hull bottom? LOL

Chris D

Lets keep this rolling............Thunderbirds are GO!!


This is a good idea, although I\'m not going to buy it in my lifetime even if they already were mass-produced. Something that costs more than the Space Shuttle is out of my range.


There is a company in Minnesota who is building a condo resort made of 4 joined self propelled barges to sail the major rivers in the midwest.


If Thurston Howell had owned a yacht, he never would have ended up on the island...


Great pictures and great sketches. Just curious how a company based on a farm in Worksop, miles from any port, might have expertise in building this sort of ship. I would hate them to be compared to the FreedomShip ...

Justin Watkins

FUnny there\'s nothing here about price. What are we talking about, $100 million? More?

Dave Andrews
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