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WowWee 's Wi-Fi Spyball


January 13, 2009

WowWee Spyball

WowWee Spyball

January 14, 2008 A scaled back version of the Rovio Wi-Fi robot webcam, the Spyball from WowWee is a remote controlled, Wi-Fi enabled, transforming robotic ball that allows kids to see what their brother or sister is up to, as well as checking out what’s for dinner in the kitchen – all undetected.

The new robotic toy unveiled at CES 2009 promises to be more affordable than the USD$299 Rovio (but no exact figure or release date has been revealed at this stage). The integrated spy-cam captures video and still images and is equipped with wheels designed for fast, smooth mobility and 360-degree turns. The transformable shape changes from ball to camera and back again to enable the device to move with stealth and in disguise.

To watch the live action from the spycam, users can make a connection via any Wi-Fi-enabled device including a PC, laptop, video game console or mobile phone. The included USB cable allows users to configure a simple home network setup process that will allow the Spyball spycam to be controlled from any remote location via the web.


What would be really cool is if this toy incorporated something like HomeCamera (www.homecamera.com). Then I could see what happened all day, access the camera from my mobile... That would be a riot! ;-)


Looks like a refugee from the old Terrahawks TV series.

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