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World’s largest dome roof taking shape in Singapore


October 29, 2012

The National Sports Stadium will be the centerpiece of the Singapore Sports Hub (Image: © Singapore Sports Hub_Oaker)

The National Sports Stadium will be the centerpiece of the Singapore Sports Hub (Image: © Singapore Sports Hub_Oaker)

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Due to a few hiccups thanks to the global financial crisis, the initial planned completion date of 2011 for the Singapore Sports Hub has come and gone. However, after construction finally got underway in 2011, the 35-hectare sports complex is on track to open its doors in 2014. The centerpiece of the development in Kallang is the new National Stadium that, upon completion, will boast the largest dome roof in the world.

Designed by Arup, the National Stadium will seat 55,000 under a retractable dome roof spanning a record 310 m (1,017 ft). The 20,000 m2 (215,278 ft2) roof dome roof is constructed from ultra-thin steel that provides a structural weight per square meter of just over 100 kg/m2 and a total steel weight of 8,057 tonnes (8,881 ton). At night, both sides of the roof will also serve as a giant projector screen, which Arup says will make it one of the “largest addressable LED screens in the world.” Some 3,000 LED lights will also line the steel trusses wrapped around the roof.

To ensure spectator comfort in Singapore’s tropical climate, the roof will provide shade during the day, while an energy efficient cooling system is designed to deliver cooled air to every seat in the stadium. Arup says these pockets of cooled air will cool spectators less energy intensively than conventional overhead cooling systems. The stadium also features a moving tier system to accommodate a variety of sports and events.

Built on the site of the previous National Stadium, the 35-hectare (86.5 acre) Singapore Sports Hub will also be home to a 3,000 seat multi-purpose indoor arena, the existing 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium, 41,000 m2 (441,320 ft2) of commercial space and a 3,000-seat indoor aquatic center that is expandable to up to 6,000 capacity.

Source: Arup via Indesignlive

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