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The world's first underwater nightclub


June 18, 2012

The TechnoMarine Underwater Night Club

The TechnoMarine Underwater Night Club

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Of all the places you might meet someone, underwater is probably the last place that springs to mind. It's already hard enough to see and hear in a nightclub, so why make it difficult to breathe as well?

The Thinkmodo team has been involved in creating a number of well-executed virals over recent times, and the team's latest is the world's first underwater nightclub. It was launched earlier this week.

The TechnoMarine Underwater Night Club

Created as a viral for TechnoMarine Underwater watches, the whole thing was filmed at a military training facility with navy divers and the set was built 14 feet (4 m) underwater.

The TechnoMarine Underwater Night Club

The breathing helmets used in the commercial/viral are fully functioning units from Sea Trek, and they are the real enabler for the entire thing - the Sea Trek helmet system is commercially available, so perhaps an underwater nightclub is not all that implausible.

Sub Sea Systems' goal in developing Sea Trek was to create a product that would allow practically anyone to comfortably explore beneath the sea, regardless of swimming skill or physical ability.

It's a user-friendly, modernized diving bell which does facilitate a unique underwater experience and I can see it being used in a host of ways other than as an enabler for an underwater nightclub.

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It's all fun and games until someone drinks too much and gets ill.

18th June, 2012 @ 11:04 am PDT

Talk about a dive bar ;)

19th June, 2012 @ 06:54 am PDT
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