Word Lens translator app finally available for Android


July 8, 2012

Word Lens translates text captured using the camera on an iOS or Android device

Word Lens translates text captured using the camera on an iOS or Android device

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When we first covered the Word Lens real-time translator app for iOS devices back in 2010, a number of readers voiced their hopes for an Android version. Now the app’s developers, Quest Visual, has finally shown Android users some love with the app now available through Google play.

Like its iOS predecessor, Word Lens translates printed words captured on an Android device’s video camera from one language to another. Because the app employs optical character recognition technology in combination with an included dictionary, it works without the need for an Internet connection.

Initially launching on iOS with only English/Spanish languages, Quest Visual has now added Italian/English and French/English language pairs, all of which are now available on both iOS or Android platforms.

While the iOS app is a free download with users forced to buy any language packs as an in-app purchase for US$4.99 each, the Android version costs $4.99 off the bat with one language pack included and additional packs available as in-app purchases.

The video below shows Word Lens in action.

Source: iTunes App Store, Google Play

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I actually talked to the developer a couple of months ago. The place where this might be most useful, translating Chinese or Japanese into English, is apparently almost impossible as character recognition is very, very difficult.

Also, the Android app was lagging because he didn't like the Android dev tools....

Chris Maresca

Awesome! I will soon be going on a cruise to Italy Greece Turkey and Spain and there's no way I can remember a useful amount of each language.


I am surprised that character recognition in Chinese and Japanese is almost impossible. Does this mean that they can't scan documents in these languages? A camera is able to recognise different faces. Strangely enough, the street signs shown as examples are easily understandable in either language.


You know I thought about this while looking through Apple apps. It's amazing to see. I want one, but I wish I made it first...

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