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DreamBots shows off WheeMe massage robot at CES


January 10, 2013

WheeMe giving a massage on the show floor of CES

WheeMe giving a massage on the show floor of CES

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When we think of robots that autonomously do things to help us, one of the first things that probably comes to mind are those vacuum-cleaning Roombas. Well, DreamBots is aiming to change that perception ... with a robot called the WheeMe, that wanders around on your back and gives you a comforting massage.

The device has sensors that keep it from falling off your body as it rolls around. Two arms stick out of the top and sense the edges of your body. It has grippy wheels designed to keep it from losing traction and falling off – in most situations. The texture of the wheels and a rotor finger under the device deliver the massage.

Having seen it in action at CES, it looks like an effective way to get a massage, and certainly easier than trying to convince your significant other to do the job for you. The device is available now with a suggested MSRP of US$99.99.

The video below demonstrates how the WheeMe works.

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