Weye Feye gives your DSLR a Wi-Fi boost and smartphone controls


July 30, 2013

The Weye Feye can give many DSLRs a Wi-Fi boost, enabling remote shooting and sharing via iOS and Android devices

The Weye Feye can give many DSLRs a Wi-Fi boost, enabling remote shooting and sharing via iOS and Android devices

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As more Wi-Fi-enabled cameras become available, it's easy to think yours is out of date if it doesn't have this ability. But the Weye Feye is a new device which aims to bring older DSLRs into the wireless age. Generating its own Wi-Fi network, the device can be accessed by Android and iOS devices for remote shooting, complete with manual controls and Live View.

The Weye Feye is a small device which attaches via USB to a wide range of Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Once attached, it allows users to connect to it with their smart device and to access a Live View feed and remote shooting controls. While not quite as convenient as a camera with its own Wi-Fi capabilities, its small size means it can easily be attached to a tripod.

It's also more powerful than many other wireless options. Using 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, the Weye Feye can work at distances of up to 80 m (262 ft), and with a latency of a record 0.2 sec, shooting should be more responsive than other products. This could make the device useful even if your camera has wireless capabilities, but you need something a little more powerful.

In Gallery Mode, photographers can use the app to view and share images stored on the camera, directly from their device. But it's the Live View Mode where the Weye Feye really shines. In addition to being able to see what the camera is seeing, users have a raft of manual shooting and recording options. This makes it easier for users to find new angles to shoot from, that wouldn't be possible if having to hold the camera.

Camera control features include touch focus, the remote adjustment of settings such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed, changing metering mode, previewing depth of field and remote manual focus. However, capabilities vary depending on the camera, so it's worth checking before buying.

Measuring 83 x 45 x 16.5 mm (3.3 x 1.8 x 0.6 in) the Weye Feye has a built-in battery which is said to be good for 7-8 hours in Live View mode or 14 hours in Gallery Mode.

The Weye Feye will be available in September for price of €250 in Europe and US$249 in the US. For a full list of compatible cameras, check the Weye Feye website.

Here's a video showing the Weye Feye in action.

Source: Weye Feye

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Aren't there enough "selfies" on the net already? Considering you can buy wi-fi equipped camera cards at present for a similar price to regular cards if you really, really must connect instantly, this device seems overkill to me. I would rather review my pictures (after initial culling in-camera) at the computer stage, you can see unwanted detail (Photoshop?) more easily there.

The Skud

I think it's a great addition to the toolbox, especially for the existing photogs that don't already have wi-fi. Combine that with the fact that it let's you use your iOS and or Android device as the control and remote viewfinder has been something I've been waiting a long time for. Not having to be tethered to a laptop expands it usage incredibly. I love macro photography and this will be awesome for that as well!

Casey Booey
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