Misfit Shine 2 functions both as an activity tracker and remote control

The Misfit Shine is a simple, stylish activity tracker and sleep monitor that began as an ambitious Indiegogo campaign but grew into a full line of workout trackers that manage to compete in a crowded field that includes devices like the Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP3. On Tuesday, Misfit announced the second generation with the Misfit Shine 2, which gets some basic upgrades and also now functions as a remote control of sorts for your life.Read More

Polar A360 fitness tracker packs color touchscreen and optical heart rate monitor

Finnish company Polar has been in the health monitoring game for over 30 years and launched the world's first wearable wireless heart monitor in 1982. Since then, the market has been flooded with wearable devices designed to track and motivate the fitness training efforts of professionals and amateurs alike. With the new A360 fitness tracker, Polar has added a splash of color to a device designed to offer convenient wrist-based heart rate monitoring and smartwatch-like notifications.Read More

It's touch and go for B&O's BeoPlay H7 headphones

Earlier this month, Bang & Olufsen revealed a monstrous 90th anniversary wireless speaker called the BeoLab 90 costing US$40,000 and capable of throwing out 8,200 watts via 18 drivers. The company has now followed this with something a whole lot cheaper, a good deal smaller and a touch more personal. B&O says that the BeoPlay H7 premium over-ear headphones offer users gesture-based touch control of music playback and will deliver its Signature Sound whether the wearer opts to listen over Bluetooth or via the supplied cable.Read More

Murata's "Cool Design Smart Glass" concept puts household appliance control in your face

Japanese electronics manufacturer Murata, in conjunction with the city of Sabae, showed its "Cool Design Smart Glass" concept eyewear at CEATEC 2015. The smart augmented reality (AR) glasses incorporate what Murata claims is the world's smallest micro PS switch module and are designed to give the wearer the ability to remotely control domestic appliances without searching down the back of the couch for the remote or making the long trek to the light switch.

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Review: Polar Loop 2 activity tracker & H7 heart rate sensor

The market for wearable activity trackers continues to grow, which means greater choice for those interested in using technology to help maintain a better quality of life, but it also makes it tough to decide which one is right for you. We got some wrist-on experience with Polar’s latest activity tracker – the Loop 2 – to see how well this device measures up.Read More


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