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Waterproof your iPad with the Waterwear transparent casing


May 31, 2010

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So infatuated with your new iPad that you can’t bear to be apart from it for the briefest of moments – not even in the shower? Then this transparent, waterproof casing from Tokyo-based company, Tunewear, could be the perfect apparel for your digital pride and joy. Dubbed the Waterwear for iPAD/Tablet PC the clear plastic housing allows full multi-touch operation while your device is protected from dust and water.

The Waterwear has a triple guard mechanism to keep its contents dry and dust free. To ensure you’ve got two hands free to lather up in the shower the WATERWEAR comes with an adjustable length, detachable strap to hang your electronic gadget of choice from the showerhead. Of course it will also mean you can turn your iPad into an oversized, weatherproof pendant while out on the town.

Measuring 250 x 360 x 11mm (WxHxD), the WATEREWEAR is available now for 3,480 yen (approx. US$38).

Via Dvice.

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