Waterfield's iPad Travel Express case has room for everything


March 22, 2011

Waterfield Design's iPad Travel Express is a protective carrying case with extra room for various iPad accessories(All photos courtesy SFBags)

Waterfield Design's iPad Travel Express is a protective carrying case with extra room for various iPad accessories
(All photos courtesy SFBags)

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While iPads and other tablet computers are highly-portable, the fact is that they require some kind of protective case if you plan on taking them out into the real world. The iPad 2 offers an optional Smart Cover to protect its screen, but it's still handy to have something with a shoulder strap in order to to keep your hands free and minimize the chances of the computer being dropped. Waterfield Design's iPad Travel Express both protects iPads and provides an easy way of carrying them, plus it has room for some extra bits and pieces.

The case is made from water-resistant ballistic nylon, with scratch-free interior pockets for an iPad (or iPad 2, with or without Smart Cover), wireless keyboard, mouse, cables, power brick, and various other accessories. A rigid plastic insert protects the screen from impacts, while a self-locking zipper keeps your tablet from being caught with its fly open.

The iPad Travel Express is available via Waterfield's SFBags website, in a choice of six different accent colors, for US$69 – the removable shoulder strap is an optional extra.

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OK. And if I attach the iPad to the keyboard with a hinge to let them fold-up flat together and allow the screen stand-up when open I would have invented a thing that I shall call laptop!

David Tobin

I totally agree with David. Apple should come out something like Ultrathin tablet Mac.

Akemai Olivia
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