Waterfi gives iPod Shuffle the waterproofing treatment


October 24, 2012

Waterfi sells waterproofed iPod Shuffles, for use by swimmers

Waterfi sells waterproofed iPod Shuffles, for use by swimmers

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A lot of people like listening to music as they exercise, and swimmers are no exception. For them, there are waterproof MP3 players such as the UWaterG2 and the Speedo Aquabeat. For some people, though, nothing says “MP3 player” quite like “iPod.” Those are the people who Waterfi is targeting, with its waterproofed iPod Shuffles.

Waterfi has actually been offering watertight Shuffles since the fourth generation of the device was first released, although the company has recently started using its new Dual Layer waterproofing technology.

The first step of the process involves filling a stock Shuffle with “a rubbery, waterproof/shockproof insulator.” That goop forms a protective inner layer around all the internal electronic components, keeping the player watertight to a depth of up to 100 feet (30.5 meters). The remaining empty space inside the device is then filled with a second layer (of something), that protects against the corrosive effects of substances such as chlorine and sea salt.

The iPod is never opened up during the procedure.

Apple-loving swimmers can order a 2GB Shuffle in a color of their choice, for US$134.95. A package including a set of waterproof PYLE earbuds goes for $144.95.

Another company, Swimman, also sells waterproofed Shuffles with headphones – for $250.

Source: Waterfi via 7 Gadgets

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It's also good to mention that Underwater Audio also sells waterproof ipods. :)

Chris Kilbourn
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