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Sixty-foot water tower converted into urban residence


July 26, 2012

"Tower House" converted water tower in London's North Kensington

"Tower House" converted water tower in London's North Kensington

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Maybe its their height. Maybe it's because they're round. But clearly there's something about abandoned water towers that makes people want to transform them into residential accommodation. Tower House in West London's desirable North Kensington neighborhood (though admittedly, not the plushest part) appears to be the latest addition to an ever-growing set; a set that includes the converted World War II tower, Chateau D'eau.

The conversion of the 60-ft (18-meter) tower was conceived by "design research studio" Tom Dixon, better known for its designer light fittings and furniture.

Though Airbnb, through which the accommodation can be rented, lists Tower House as a one-bedroom apartment for two, the 7-meter (23-ft) diameter cylinder accommodates a living room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, two bedrooms and a bathroom worthy of the name (which is to say, it has an actual bathtub in it) on the second floor, and a large living area on the third with access to the roof terrace on top for views of nearby Notting Hill.

There are plans afoot to add additional floors to the current three, eventually bringing the floor area up to 5000 sq ft (465 sq m). A heat exchange system will also be installed, eventually drawing water from the nearby Grand Union Canal to cool the interior. An elevator is also on the cards, as for now the only way in is by fire escape-style stairs.

By completion, the developers will have reportedly sunk £800,000 ($1.25 million) into the project, but as properties of a similar size in the area have gone for ten times that amount, a decent return on the investment seems assured.

For now, at least, rooms are available to rent. At £799 ($1250) per week or £2495 ($3900) per month for a room, these aren't the cheapest digs in London, but neither are they scandalously expensive. And if the first Airbnb reviews trickling in are anything to judge by, it's worth the money.

Sources: Airbnb, Daily Mail

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Coming and going ought to keep you fit.


Hmm, those wooden legs look a bit 'combustable'.....


Can you imagine building one of these out of a large metal municipal water tower?


Hmm. Looks kind of zombie proof. Make the ladder retractable and you'd be set for a zombie apocalypse. :)


i would like to convert 1 of those into an indoor garden

Steven Murphy
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