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Water Bomb Factory - just don't let it fall into enemy hands


March 28, 2010

The Water Bomb Factory will arm you lots of fun this summer

The Water Bomb Factory will arm you lots of fun this summer

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Where was this product when I was growing up? Aqua Antics’ Water Bomb Factory is a child’s dream come true. Just watching the video (below) conjures up (slightly evil) thoughts of saturating family, friends and foe. Overton’s – basically a watersport enthusiast’s supermarket – says the Water Bomb Factory lets children (of all ages) tie up to ten balloons a minute, which could arm kids with a sizable stockpile in no time at all.

It attaches easily to a garden hose or faucet and comes with an integrated table clamp to help reduce the mess made while filling balloons almost as fast as you can throw them. The Water Bomb Factory has a unique, quick knot tying arm, and an auto on/off water valve.

It’s available for US$9.95 and comes with a supply of balloons, so start stockpiling now for summer.

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Must Have!

17th June, 2010 @ 10:51 am PDT
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