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WASP Injector Knife


June 16, 2008

The WASP Injector Knife

The WASP Injector Knife

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June 17, 2008 No matter how far personal weaponry advances, the last line of defence has remained the same. If a threat gets really up close and personal, divers, soldiers, campers and hunters all have to rely on their trusty knife when all else has failed. The trouble is, if your shark, elephant or enemy combatant is close enough for you to stab them, they're well within range to lay some serious hurt on you if your knife aim isn't true - and there's plenty of angry animals out there capable of disposing of you even with a blade hanging out of them. That's why WASP have created the Injector Knife, which forces a massive charge of freezing compressed air into the stab wound. WASP claims the shock and tissue freezing can stop the largest of land predators in its tracks, and it's even more effective on underwater predators.

The WASP knife is fairly simple in principle; the removable handle contains a bulb of compressed gas, and there's a thumb button which releases that gas almost instantly through a thin tube that exits near the point of the blade. The gas is expelled at around 850psi of pressure, and expands to around the size of a basketball inside whatever the knife has been poked into. The handle unscrews to fit new gas bulbs, and it's easy to carry more than one handle if there's the chance that the knife's lethal charge could be needed more than once in relatively quick succession.

The initial gas release is extremely cold, and can snap-freeze all tissue and organs in the area surrounding the blast, which has a devastating and instant effect on the hapless victim. The effect is compounded if used on an underwater predator - not only is there the instant shock and freezing effect, but the large injection of air causes the recipient to float upwards, and as it rises and the atmospheric pressure decreases, the ball of air continues to expand with catastrophic consequences.

The WASP Injector Knife is also virtually silent when discharged inside an enemy's flesh - not that the enemy can be expected to remain silent through such internal trauma - but it effectively maintains the knife's potential as a stealth killing option while massively multiplying its lethality.

The WASP Injector Knife system is available through the WASP website for US$380. It's still a last resort for when all else has failed and a big, nasty threat is virtually upon you - and you'll still need to be smuggling coconuts in your shorts to have the nerve to stab and hit that button at the right moment - but if I was standing there with a knife in my hand and an angry brown bear advancing on me, I'd want that knife to be one of these.

Loz Blain

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Great. A knife capable of misfire and blowback. Just what we need.

Charles Bosse

Perfect! Now criminals who can\'t use guns in Australia may get one of these which will though not legal, be unnoticed when someone comes in to a bar-fight & kills someone with an explosive blast...

Rex Alfie Lee

Sorry rex, criminals use guns regardless of the laws... They are criminals, by definition, it means they don\'t obey the law.. Although I think this is truely a stupid knife, Id pay them $1000 USD if they jump into the water with a shark, stab it and then push the button. it would take way too much force to get any serious penetration in a still animal. let alone one that moves as fast as a shark in water.. If you did get it in you would have a micro second to push the button. By the time the shark would react he would of most likely taken a fatal bite from you, and soon his friends will come to finish things. I assume all the same would apply with elephants or bear. I do think that the noise the device produces might deter the animals.. That said I am sure there are $10 devices that are capable of the same.

Michael Mantion

What seems to not be taken into consideration in this design is Newton\'s law \"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction\". If the knife is expelling gas at 850psi, you\'re going to have the knife attempting to move in the opposite direction with equal force. Most likely the knife is going to, as Mr. Bosse rightly imagined, shoot out straight at the user, probably before delivering most of its content.


it needs a gripping blade, like an arrowhead. that COULD get rid of the blowback idea. but its only a chance if you got the knife deep enough

Francis Rocanella

@Michael Mantion True, but you forgot about the fact that the gas is not expelled out of the tip of the knife, it is expelled on an angle, thus reducing the blowback force. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa_NC-_fvKs

Andrew Yang

I think this is a handy invention for the outdoor inthusiast. For a bit of piece of mind while hiking, hunting or search and rescue groups that are in wooded areas. As much as I never want to be that close to an animal, things happen and I would rather be prepared with SOMETHING rather than nothing. Even bear/pepper spray has to be used in close proximity, so maybe between the 2, a person will have a chance. I would consider buying one.

Sara Durocher

Very ingenious, and very scary. Just about any weapon whatsoever is illegal in Illinois, where I live however. I imagine this will be added to the list. Of course that will not stop most criminals. We are trying to get concealed carry passed. Illinois is ruled over by the Chicago machine. Maybe not after 2012 however.

Ron Wagner

\"Perfect! Now criminals who can\'t use guns in Australia may get one of these which will though not legal, be unnoticed when someone comes in to a bar-fight & kills someone with an explosive blast... comment Rex Alfie Lee - January 20, 2011 @ 09:47 pm PST\"

Well Rick that just goes to demonstrate the complete and utter stupidity of trying to control criminals by banning inanimate objects. You don\'t stop criminals you just take away your best tool for defending yourself against them. Of course you don\'t ban knives, gasoline, motor vehicles, golf clubs or numerous other things which someone can use to kill you in short order either.


\"Well Rick that just goes to demonstrate the complete and utter stupidity of trying to control criminals by banning inanimate objects.\"

Well Steve, then why not allow people to carry any weapon they please? In bars? On airplanes? Don\'t mind the guy with that bazooka, he\'s just asserting his holy Second Amendment right to carry WMD\'s around the shopping mall.

As any gun-head knows, the Holy Second Amendment was intended by the Framers to outweigh any other rights their victims might be foolish enough to think they have. That\'s why your holy right to carry an Uzi into a bar (don\'t forget those hi-cap clips), is even more important than your right to push your religion on other people\'s kids.

If you really want to get a handle on complete and utter stupidity, try examining the real-world consequences of lifting all bans on personal weapons. Blood, screams, trials, prison, funerals and PTSD nightmares: That\'s what\'s missing from your video games!

Jim Parker

Hey Jim criminals DO carry any weapon they please. That is the point. And the 9/11 hijackers did not need bazookas to murder 3000 people in the Twin Towers and crash into the Pentagon and kill more people there, did they?

And Jim, wanna know a little secret? Private companies like airlines have the right to ban things they don\'t like even if the Government is not allowed to ban them from people homes and persons out on a public street.

Why don\'t go explain to some family who has had some of their family members murdered by gun toting gangsters who broke into their house because anti freedom types like you have made the gun law so restrictive it was too hard for them to get them legally in their state and some of them did for you holy crusade against their 2nd Amendment rights.

And what \'victims\' rights are being overridden you mean the holy rights of some cowardly thugs who look to surround smaller and weaker victims, so they can beat and murder them with no consequences to themselves? Poor babes can\'t get away with beating and killing as many victims because the victims have something to equalize it and make it an even playing field. How terrible, right Jim?

And what religion is being pushed on other peoples kids? Oh you mean the Radical atheist religion that teaches everyone not to have any morals so that they can be the same cowardly bullies you don\'t want anyone to be able to protect themselves from?

The same atheist religion that is teaching kids to have sex out of wedlock in public school so they can get aids at earlier and earlier ages? Yeah Jim I understand.


Even for it to be useful the person has to be well trained like a commando or marine or seal. This device is for the well trained and best, not us folk who would not most likely be in such a situation.

Dawar Saify

After seeing the video demonstration I would suggest they do two things: Rework the knife so that a very forceful thrust against the hilt sets it off instead of a \"button\" Secondly, design the butt end of the knife so that it can be screwed onto to the end of a walking staff. This would make a spear out of it and keep the animal at spears-length so it\'s last movements don\'t still get you!

Will, the tink

The criminal will always have the best weapon he can afford. The victim will usually have the best weapon that the law will allow him. It sound like a lot of the people posting are for the criminal.

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