Who says a switch plate can't house more than light switches? Enter the Walhub


February 13, 2013

The Walhub adds extra functionality to the humble switch plate

The Walhub adds extra functionality to the humble switch plate

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There are certain devices in the home that we don't generally think about improving. The switch plates over our light switches have remained more or less the same for years, but that doesn't mean there's not room to make them better. Product designer Justin Porcano has decided to rethink switch plates, by adding more functionality.

Unlike a conventional switch plate, the Walhub has built-in hooks and, with some models, envelope holders called keepers. This means you can have a nifty place to hang your keys or place your mail when you walk in the door, using something that would have already been mounted on your wall anyway.

The Walhub comes in a few flavors, each of which offers different functions and adaptability for different styles of light switches. Whether you have a rocker or toggle switch, or even if you have two switches, you can get a Walhub that works for you.

Porcano is seeking funding for his Walhub on Kickstarter. The pledges vary with the different models, and range from US$15 for a rocker switch with one hanger up to $20 for a keeper model. The funding goal of $5,000 has already been met, so the project is on pace to be delivered to backers in May of this year.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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They should also add a induction device charger. I mean the power is right there.


Why not get rid of keys. That's something that hasn't changed in hundreds of years.


re; JMonroe Keys open locks when there is no power or after an EMP.


When I moved to Holland I was amazed to find that all the light switches in recent buildings incorporated an LED which made them locatable in the dark. Most had dimmers too.

I expect there are already switch plates at Phillips, the Dutch electronics company which have lighting colour control wheels built in.

Dirk Scott
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