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Wahoo Bike Pack turns your iPhone into a bike computer


February 16, 2012

The Bike Pack for iPhone from Wahoo includes a weatherproof phone case that incorporates an ANT+ transceiver, a speed and cadence sensor and an iOS fitness app - transforming the smartphone into a bike computer

The Bike Pack for iPhone from Wahoo includes a weatherproof phone case that incorporates an ANT+ transceiver, a speed and cadence sensor and an iOS fitness app - transforming the smartphone into a bike computer

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Many people now carry a powerful computer around with them wherever they go that can feed them the latest dose of gossip, keep them in constant touch with loved ones and can even guide a user from one place to another using GPS technology. Smartphones like the iPhone can also be used as cycling computers, offering the same kind of workout information produced by dedicated devices (like the Garmin Edge 500), but with all that useful multimedia and communications technology thrown into the pot too. The Bike Pack for iPhone from Wahoo includes a weatherproof case to protect the device, a proprietary fitness app, and a wireless speed and cadence sensor - all for a fraction of the cost of the Garmin device.

Wahoo's Bike Pack is even a good deal cheaper than the suggested retail price of iBike Dash CC, which we featured last year. The Pack has a water- and shock-resistant case that allows for full touchscreen access, and includes rubber liners that make a snug fit for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S. The case can be mounted on the handlebars of your bike courtesy of a quick release bracket that can be adjusted to portrait or landscape orientation.

The case's built-in ANT+ radio transceiver wirelessly links an iPhone to the supplied Premium Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor featuring ANT+ AP2 ultra low power technology with 2.4 GHz ISM band operation. The sensor can be modified to fit recumbent bikes, is capable of sending and receiving signals from up to 10 feet (3.04 meters) away and is waterproof to a depth of 5 feet (1.52 meters). The transceiver is also said to be compatible with any ANT+ fitness measuring device, allowing users to extend monitoring to such things as distance, heart rate, power, course, blood pressure, and more.

The Bike Pack benefits from a microUSB port for charging and data connection, and comes with the free Wahoo Fitness app (but is also compatible with over 100 third party fitness apps for iOS). It's priced at US$149.99.

Have a look at the following (very unscientific, and completely unintentional) crash test of the Bike Pack.

Source: Wahoo Bike Pack for iPhone

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I literally had this idea and have been looking for one of these for my EVO...

Alex Lekander

I\'ve checked out several models of these cases and all of the designers have one thing in common: They have all somehow neglected that in this generation of high technology our phones now come equipped with cameras that can record video. Why on earth would none of these racks be able to accomodate using the camera to record the ride? A hole in the back of the case over the camera (possibly a lens filter clip too) and an adjustment knob, lever, or button would be more than simple and easy to implement with all of today\'s manufacturing tech out there. Come on guys, think UTILITY!!!

Cody Curtin

Cody! That is your million dollar idea and you just gave it up for free!?! I think I need a drink. lol

Mark Keller

Hey Cody- Molly here from Wahoo Fitness! We actually do have a hole in the back of our case so you can snap pics while you\'re out on a ride. We\'re still working on the mechanics of getting the case at an angle where you could easily film the ride... and of course our first priority is keeping you iPhone safe and protected. But we\'re working on it! Thanks for the feedback and feel free to stay in touch if there are other features or functions you\'d like to see in future Wahoo products!

Thanks! Molly

Marketing@wahoofitness.com https://www.facebook.com/wahoofitness


Needs an on-bike charger system, unless all the rides are under 2 hours. ie, I love the MapMyRide app, but it kills the battery in 3+ hours.

Jeff Bequette

WahooMolly try using a small mirror on the case so you don\'t have to have such an extreme angle, you would only need to tweek the app so it flips the picture to the right orientation.

Denis Klanac

@Jeff- Wahoo makes an extended battery option which slides right on the back of your Wahoo Bike Case and doubles the life of your iPhone while you ride. The app and the sensor connection are actually super low energy- the battery suck is usually the iPhone screen or GPS. You can dim or turn off the screen and/or GPS to get longer life. Hope that\'s helpful! (https://www.wahoofitness.com/Products/Wahoo-Fitness-Extended-Battery-for-Wahoo-iPhone-Bike-Case.asp)

@Denis- We\'ve looked into that too-- there\'s actually a Wahoo user who rigged something just like that and posted a video to YouTube. I\'ll see if I can find it to share. Definitely something we\'re looking into on the next gen bike case. Thanks for the feedback!!

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