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Vuzix Wrap 1200 glasses display 75-inch 2D/3D virtual screen


August 15, 2011

Weighing approximately 3oz (85 grams), Vuzix Wrap 1200 offers twin 852 x 480 LCD true color (16 million colors) displays

Weighing approximately 3oz (85 grams), Vuzix Wrap 1200 offers twin 852 x 480 LCD true color (16 million colors) displays

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Vuzix has updated its line of video eyewear with its sleekest and, at 852 x 480 pixels, highest-res model yet - the Vuzix Wrap 1200. Compatible with both 2D and 3D content, the glasses can display an equivalent of 75-inch screen as seen from a distance of 10 feet (3 m) and feature separate focus adjustment for each eye as well as adjustable eye distance and viewing angles.

Weighing approximately 3oz (85 grams), the new model has twin 852 x 480 LCD true color (16 million colors) displays with 35 degree diagonal field of view and 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio. By comparison, the previous video eyewear from Vuzix, the Wrap 920 offered 640 x 480 pixels resolution.

Similarly to its predecessor, Wrap 1200 supports both 2D and 3D format, while 3D comes either as side-by-side, or 3 formats of anaglyph 3D content. Brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation are adjustable via on-screen controls and eye separation is also adjustable.

Connectivity options include composite AV cable (RCA), component video cable and AV cable for iPod touch/iPhone, but there's no HDMI input or wireless connectivity.

Sitting in the Control Box, two rechargeable AA batteries provide up to three hours of video playback and reportedly can be replaced with lithium ion batteries offering up to seven hours.

Vuzix Wrap 1200 video-glasses are available now, priced at US$499.

And there's more on the way with Vuzix set to offer Vuzix Wrap 1200VR eyewear featuring head tracking technology which can be used in games or simulators, along with VGA/DVI and USB 2.0 connectivities. The 1200VR glasses are expected this month but pricing is yet to be announced.


Not enough. This technology seems stuck in a rut. I will take notice if they can do an affordable version with at least 720p native and 45 deg FOV. I get really excited if they can do a collimated version with NVidia Stereo vision support.

Paul van Dinther

That\'s too close. Eyes, in their relaxed state, focus in the distance. That\'s why 3D hurts them like hell. When you start to lose eyesight, remember - I told you so!

Renārs Grebežs

Will these work for folks who are farsighted? The over 40 group? Seems like they wouldn\'t be able to focus their eyes at such a close target.

Bob Tackett

I\'d rather focus my eyes on the $499 saved by not buying this lackluster product 8-)

Will, the tink

I prefer to wait for some more time....Its not that technology is not grown but that they are not implimented. Trust it wil get better.

Orzy Raj

ACTUALLY, that's exactly what we are saying. The resolutions on VR and AR glasses has not changed in over 15 years. Frame rates, a little, colors, yes. But we need a retina display in eye glass form!!!!

Deadman Walking
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