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VuPackPole gives actioncam-users new perspectives


February 11, 2013

The VuPackPole is an extended articulated actioncam mount, that is attached to the user's backpack

The VuPackPole is an extended articulated actioncam mount, that is attached to the user's backpack

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Although it may seem like it was just yesterday that actioncams came into common use, already people are getting frustrated with the limitations of the “here’s what I was looking at” viewpoint. Thanks to innovations such as the 3rd Person View, BoomPro and GO360, however, adventurous videographers can now include themselves in their self-shot videos. One of the latest such camera-on-a-stick gadgets is the backpack-mounted VuPackPole.

Designed by Alaska-based entrepreneur Rodger Dean, the device is essentially a carbon fiber pole with an actioncam mount at one end, and a high-density polyurethane flat platform at the other. Aluminum double ball joints are located at either end of the pole, allowing for four degrees of movement.

To use it, you slide the platform into an existing backpack or hydration pack – a pocket measuring between 16 and 18 inches (41 and 46 cm) will be required. Included straps are used to help snug the platform down. You then position the camera/pole to your liking, tighten the ball joints, and start shooting.

An image shot using the VuPackPole

According to Dean, the joints will give under pressure, keeping you from getting hung up on tree branches or otherwise wishing that you weren’t wearing the thing. The pole can also be detached from the platform, and simply used as a hand-held pole mount.

Rodger has already built and sold over 100 of the units on his own, but is now in the process of raising funds for large-scale production, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$124 will get you a VuPackPole of your own, assuming he meets his financial goal.

Footage shot using the device can be seen in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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