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Vouwwow: The foldable lounge chair made from recycled plastic bottles


April 17, 2013

Studio Nuy van Noort has designed a foldable chair made from 100 percent recycled and recy...

Studio Nuy van Noort has designed a foldable chair made from 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials (photo: Edoardo Campanale/Gizmag)

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Inspired by the challenge to create sustainable and economical furniture pieces which possess a multitude of uses, Dutch Studio Nuy van Noort has designed a foldable chair made from 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials. The Vouwwow design caught our attention during the Fuori Salone exhibitions of the Milan Design Week due to its innovative use of recycled materials and efficient storage and transportation.

The chair is designed in a series of different color tones and is delivered flat packed, before being folded into a sturdy lounge chair within 30 seconds – thus offering a fun and creative alternative to the traditional folding chair. Its structure consists of six separate pieces of plywood which lie sandwiched between two outside layers of PET-felt. After completing three simple folds, the chair is then fixed together with a strong Velcro strip.

The exterior PET-felt is a durable and resistant material which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. The felt not only offers a soft, tactile upholstery finish to the chair but also allows the entire structure to be repeatedly folded time and time again with very little wear or tear.

The Vouwwow lounge chair is an upgraded version of Studio Nuy van Noort’s original cardboard design, which won the Thonet Mart Stam Prize in 2009. It is anticipated to be available for purchase online from May with final prices to be confirmed.

Source: Studio Nuy van Noort

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is it comfortable ? innovative use of recycled materials, little waste production, and efficient storage and transportation are all fine characteristics ... but ... its a chair ...

Jeffrey J Carlson
17th April, 2013 @ 09:37 am PDT

Personally, I think it is both cool and green and very stylish. I think it is great for those to take with them on camping trips since it fold and for guests that come.

17th April, 2013 @ 12:38 pm PDT
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