Volvo brings integrated connectivity and infotainment to its entire lineup


August 25, 2014

Sensus Connect makes use of the 7-inch display and digital dashboard

Sensus Connect makes use of the 7-inch display and digital dashboard

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Volvo announced on Friday that it is offering its Sensus Connect infotainment and On-Call telematics systems and smartphone app standard on every US model, starting with the "2015.5" model year. It claims to be the first automaker to offer such a connected suite as standard across its range, bringing a host of cloud-powered features and services to drivers and passengers.

The latest version of Volvo's Sensus Connect system comes with an AT&T; 3G-powered, vehicle-integrated modem and rooftop antenna, and the driver can also choose to use a smartphone as the wireless connection. The system includes Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, letting passengers connect their smartphones and tablets.

The integrated cloud connectivity powers a variety of infotainment apps, accessible in the 7-inch center stack display and digital dash, as well as with select voice controls. Drivers and passengers can enjoy internet music streaming from services like Pandora, Rdio and TuneIn, and find points of interest through services like Yelp and Wikilocation. They can also access updated weather information and share their location socially with Glympse. By tethering a phone to the infotainment system, the driver can has access to hands-free calling and text features.

Volvo is also extending the free On Call smartphone app to all of its cars. This app provides a full vehicle status update, with information about the car's location, windows and door locks, recent trips, fuel level and more. The app also provides control of certain vehicle functions, including remote engine start, remote lock and navigation information forwarding. The On Call button inside the car offers 24/7 roadside assistance, emergency communications and stolen vehicle tracking.

The 2015.5 model year vehicles are rolling into US Volvo dealerships now. The Volvo On Call app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Volvo also announced pricing for the 2015.5 lineup, which can be reviewed in the link below.

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Bring to the US & CA markets alone, awesome Lisc for other makes to use or adapt.

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