Volkswagen T-ROC concept hints at new line of SUVs


March 4, 2014

Volkswagen's T-ROC concept mini-SUV, at the Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen's T-ROC concept mini-SUV, at the Geneva Motor Show

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Volkswagen may already be experiencing some success with its Tiguan and Touareg SUVs, but that doesn't mean that the automaker has no interest in introducing other models. One of those might very well be based on the T-ROC concept, which was just introduced at the Geneva Motor Show.

The two-door T-ROC is designed around the format of the Golf, and occupies a space on the VW totem pole below the Tiguan.

Among its features are front and rear cameras equipped with LED lights for night-time use, multi-part 19-inch alloy wheels with size 245/45 tires, and a roof that can be quickly removed and stowed in two pieces.

It's powered by a 2.0 TDI turbo-diesel direct injection engine that puts out 184 PS (181 HP), 380 Nm (280 ft lb) of torque, and that consumes fuel at a rate of 4.9 L/100km (48 mpg). The vehicle also features VW's 4Motion all-wheel-drive train; a choice of Street, Off-road and Snow driving modes; a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox; ABS; Hill Start Assist; and Hill Descent Control.

The T-ROC tips the scales at 1,420 kg (3,131 lb). There's no word on when or if we'll be seeing it reborn as a production SUV.

Source: Volkswagen

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I like the cabin shape! In convertibles the rear people get blasted and the front eat their hair, but this should rock. I hope the rear seats are removable for camping. Don't know about the diesel, but I drive a V6. Removable tailgate for bikes?


Overall, very nice. Cleaning bugs out of the grille would be a chore though.


Hope they get the pricing right and not too T-ROCADERO! (urgh)


Very little storage space, and that two piece roof will leak.

Bob Flint
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