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The Volcano Bluetooth speaker lets you plug into the bass, when you want it


October 30, 2013

The Volcano features a portable top speaker, that can be docked with a larger sub-woofer

The Volcano features a portable top speaker, that can be docked with a larger sub-woofer

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There are certainly a multitude of compact, portable Bluetooth speakers out there, although many of them don't feature the satisfying bass response of larger models. That's where the two-part Volcano comes in. Its top speaker can be toted around and used on its own, or plugged into the sub-woofer base unit to deliver the full "oontz-oontz-oontz" experience.

The conical 3-watt top speaker is powered by an integrated 450-mAh rechargeable battery, and pairs with pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or computer. It can be operated either through that other device, or using physical control buttons on the speaker itself. Its sound quality is claimed to be decent, even when used by itself.

The bowl-shaped 10-watt sub-woofer is powered by its own 2,200-mAh battery. When the top speaker is docked with it, the bass reportedly gets a big boost. Although the top speaker alone is definitely more portable, the two parts together could certainly still be tossed in a bag.

Entrepreneur Matt Sandy is the co-creator of the device – he's half of the duo that also brought us the LinkMe text-displaying electronic bracelet, and the ParaShoot wearable video camera. Matt's currently raising production funds for the Volcano, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$70 will get you one, when and if they're ready to go. The planned retail price is $149.

The functioning prototype can be seen in use in the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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