Warehouse-scale VR? One company's system will soon plug straight into game engines

On the outer reaches of today's VR sits room-scale VR (currently exclusive to the HTC Vive), which lets you walk around room-sized spaces while inside virtual reality. Someday down the road, though, you may take your kids to an arcade where you'll stroll around a warehouse-sized VR space with other headset-wearing cohabitants. One company is trying to make that a reality on a game engine level.Read More


Here's what it's like to ride a virtual reality roller coaster

After having my brain smooshed against my skull, my stomach flipped and flopped, and my spine whipped hither and thither, I thought a day at the Six Flags amusement park in St. Louis Missouri couldn't get any more fun. I was wrong. When I climbed aboard the park's soon-to-open virtual reality coaster the next morning as part of a special press event, my opinion of what an amusement park ride could be leaped into another dimension.Read More

This sensor can add body tracking to mobile VR – but it's probably better to wait

Once you've used PC-based VR with full-body positional tracking, like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, you start to look at mobile VR, which only tracks head rotation, a little differently. Namely, the high-end tracked stuff makes mobile VR look pretty watered-down by comparison. A crowdfunding project is trying to fill in that tracking gap on mobile VR, but until the big players add tracking of their own, don't expect this kind of thing to go far.Read More

Google's Daydream (Android VR) announcement: We have a few questions

Did you watch the keynote today, where Google announced Android VR, along with its standalone VR headset? And did you catch our hands-on afterwards? Amazing! Okay, so that wasn't exactly how it went down – a stark reminder that leaks and rumors don't always line up with reality. What we saw instead was the announcement of an Android-based VR platform called Daydream, with no physical hardware in sight (yet). Let's take stock of what we do and don't know about Daydream.Read More

Five things Google's standalone Android VR headset needs to be a killer product

Today's VR landscape looks something like this: HTC/Valve and Oculus on the premium high-end, Sony looming in the mid-range (comically bad motion controls and all) and Samsung/Oculus owning the entry-level mobile tier. Google is rumored to announce a headset of its own on Wednesday and, depending where in that spectrum it falls, could end up planting its flag in an unclaimed sweet spot that better balances quality, price and simplicity.Read More


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