ViewSonic packs 3D emitter in new 24-inch monitor


May 31, 2011

ViewSonic's V3D245wm-LED monitor with 3D emitter

ViewSonic's V3D245wm-LED monitor with 3D emitter

ViewSonic chose Computex 2011 to unveil its new 24-inch monitor which boasts a built-in 3D emitter. With 3D gaming seen by many as the best use for 3D technology it's a little surprising we haven't seen a the release of 3D monitors to rival the numbers of 3D TVs hitting the market. Nevertheless, ViewSonic is claiming its V3D245wm-LED is the first 24-inch smart monitor sporting an integrated 3D emitter to support active shutter 3D glasses.

The 16:9 widescreen monitor also boasts a whopping "maximum" contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, a 2ms response time, Full HD 1080P resolution and a scanning rate of 120Hz. There's also a 3D friendly HDMI 1.4 input as well as built-in SRS Premium surround sound speakers. ViewSonic will include one pair of active shutter glasses with the monitor, which might be considered stingy when it comes to a new 3D TV, but will probably be enough for most PC users.

ViewSonic is yet to announce pricing details for the V3D245wm-LED, but says it will be available sometime after Q3 2011.

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