Take your iPod nano videos to a wider audience with the VideoBuddy AV out adapter


October 7, 2009

Owners of the new iPod nano 5G will no doubt be racking up hours of video footage by now and looking to inflict - I mean, share - their videos with all and sundry. While the nano’s 2.2-inch display might be ok “on the set”, nothing beats a TV to demand everyone’s attention. If you don’t have Apple TV, or don’t want to waste time turning on your computer to go through iTunes lest your audience disappear, GEAR4 has the perfect solution in the form of the VideoBuddy – a compact Audio Video (AV) kit that connects to the iPod nano dock connector and links to a TV via an RCA cable.

The VideoBuddy can play any recorded or downloaded videos, pictures or music on a big screen, or through a home stereo, without the need for any other third party device or software. It is among the first of a new generation of AV kits, incorporating a new authentication chip from Apple that allows video to be streamed from the more recent iPod models. Older video streaming accessories are not compatible with the newer iPods for this reason. The VideoBuddy doesn’t require any batteries as it is powered by the iPod.

The VideoBuddy is available now from GEAR4 for GBP29.99 (approx. US$48 at time of publication).

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