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Video surveillance in 360-degree 3D


March 25, 2010

The Omnipresence 3D Security System using ImmerVision's 360 degree Panomorph lens

The Omnipresence 3D Security System using ImmerVision's 360 degree Panomorph lens

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While it’s not quite to the level of the Esper Machine in Blade Runner, the integration of the ImmerVision 360 degree Panamorph lens into Feeling Software’s Omnipresence 3D Security System is as close as we’ve seen. Designed to serve as a visual platform for complex, critical security systems such as airports, nuclear facilities, and universities the marriage of the two technologies eliminates blind spots to provide a system that can apparently see it all.

Omnipresence 3D Software

Omnipresence 3D software uses an interactive 3D map to present the big security picture of a facility and all of its security assets, thus removing the need for operators to memorize camera names and numbers as the camera’s position is intuitively understood through the 3D environment.

The system was already capable of showing hundreds of cameras at once in a realistic 3D environment allowing users to easily keep an eye on shady characters. It makes following a “person of interest” from camera to camera in real time as simple as pointing in the desired direction and letting the system find the best camera to view that area. However, having a 3D map and actually being able to see an entire floor’s coverage at once only highlighted any blind spots that might reside in the system.

The Immervision 360 Degree Panomorph Lens

With the integration of the ImmerVision 360 degree Panamorph lens any blind spots were able to be eliminated. The lens, which was the recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Award for North American technology Innovation of the Year, has the ability to survey an entire area with 360 degree coverage, free of blind spots and without distortion. It can be mounted on any existing standard analog and IP video surveillance system and overcomes the need for infrastructure modifications and special cameras and support equipment that typically result from traditional panoramic solutions such as fish-eye and mirror lenses.

When ImmerVision’s R&D; team created the lens they took a radical approach. "While everyone was looking to reduce distortion, we went outside the box and looked at the problem differently by increasing the distortion. This enabled us to capture a broader image area, eliminate the distortion and improve the picture clarity with intelligent software,” says Pascale Nini, President and CEO of ImmerVision.

Watch the Watchers

The integration of the ImmerVision 360 degree Panomorph lens into the Feeling Software Omnipresence 3D Security System is being demonstrated at the ISC West security trade show in Las Vegas from March 24 to 26. Just don’t bother trying to steal a system or two.
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