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February 24, 2010

The Revenge Verde supercar that offers a fuel efficient HP2g engine

The Revenge Verde supercar that offers a fuel efficient HP2g engine

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This is the worst failure in tech journalism I\'ve seen this month. Was any critical thinking at all applied in the writing of this blog post? A \"Ford Corvette?\" 100mpg? The idea that this car can get an EPA 100mpg is laughable. The builder is probably touting the momentary MPG equivalent while cruising under battery power alone. He\'s shooting himself in the foot by spewing impossible BS that the actual vehicle will never live up to. It looks to be a beautiful machine that would be exciting just based on the facts... why discredit it with claims so ridiculous they may as well say it\'s a perpetual motion machine that runs on flux capacitors?


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\"There\'s a sucker born every minute.\" - P.T. Barnum

And the editors of Gizmag were all apparently born in the same minute. The technology claims for this car a pure bunkam, and you guys are fools. No way a car using lead-acid batteries (yeah, those \"carbon\" batteries are nothing more than lead-acid in a fancy case) can do what these charlatans claim. How much did you guys invest?

A bit of skepticism on your part, and maybe conversation with some respected electrical and automotive engineers, might keep you from looking like fools next time.

hp2g dot com has the following \"press release\" (but no mention of independent verificaiton of any of the numbers)

What makes the HP2g get such incredible gas mileage without a loss of power?

HP2g technological achievement has been the marriage of an electric motor into his E85-powered V-8 internal combustion engine, and controls that allow the combined powerplant’s output to range from more than 400 horsepower to as little as 15 horsepower, depending on what is required at the time by the accelerator.

Also the HP2g has log more than 22,000 miles of real-world driving on his 3,250 lb. 1987 Ford Mustang over the last 18 months with an average fuel economy of 109.7 mpg.

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