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Video: how to fly a helicopter


September 1, 2010

Flying a helicopter isn't just fun, it's also not that hard

Flying a helicopter isn't just fun, it's also not that hard

James Bond, Evelyn Salt, Jason Bourne... one thing you'll notice about all secret agents (at least, the ones worthy of Hollywood franchise love) is that if they need to get the hell outta Dodge, ANY vehicle will do. These super-spies are just as comfortable behind the controls of a jet plane, a submarine, a tank or a jetpack as you or I are cruising around in an automatic car. Why let them have all the fun? Here's a 5-minute hi-def primer on the basics of flying a helicopter, so you'll know what you're doing next time you 'jack' an Apache.

The only other thing you need to know is that the red trigger shoots.

Proper flying lessons are now more or less just a formality, but well worth it since helicopter pilots are loads of fun to hang out with. I was surprised how affordable a basic lesson could be, check out a provider local to you and give it a go!

Thanks to Sheldon and Paul at Heli Adventures, Kyhala and Vaughn at Melbourne Helicopters and Reg at the Helicopter Service Australia. Music: "Little bit country" by Cory Jach.

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Flying a helicopter an art! I flew fixed wing airplanes for nearly 5 years and have recently switched to helis. I can honestly say the first few training hours are difficult and one starts to wonder whether you would ever learn. Some 10 hrs later you are able to hover and you cannot understand what you were doing differently. It just becomes natural!

Once you understand how it works and you build confidence, flying a helicopter opens an all new dimension to fixed wing. Living below 500 ft and being able to land anywhere is amazing and especially amazing when you get to save someones life.


How to turn it on?

Facebook User

I did it for the first time in 1998. Now I have a Private Pilot license and some 200 flight hours, what is not a big deal, but it is BIG fun. That´s the most thrilling sport one can play with the clothes on, believe me =)

Alceu Baptistao

Turn it on? Simple. Blow hard on the little fan in the back.


I love Gizmag. Great vid. Thanks.

Fabian Rousset

I flew one of these Robinson helicopters for 45 minutes in Taupo New Zealand (with a pilot beside me) and it has to be one of the most exciting things I\'ve ever done. I\'ve always been fascinated with helis and I have a model helicopter that can do all the tricks including upside down flying (although I\'m not that good at it). But I was able to hover the Robinson and landed it about 6 times as well even though it was my first time. The pilot was impressed. But it\'s not as easy as this video makes it sound. When you apply lift, it tends to rotate and you have to compensate with the pedals. Also you have to anticipate it otherwise corrections come too late. But it\'s an absolute BLAST and I recommend it. Cost about NZ$400 for 45 minutes from memory.


I tested some robinson chopper but then decided taking on skydiving instead, much cheaper and more thrilling!

Peter F Hamilton
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