Victorinox updates its Night Vision Swiss Army watch-flashlight


November 26, 2012

Swiss Army manufacturer Victorinox has updated its Night Vision LED watch

Swiss Army manufacturer Victorinox has updated its Night Vision LED watch

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Victorinox is known around the world for multifunction, thanks to its line of iconic Swiss Army knives that do every task a small piece of stainless steel could ever be expected to do. The Night Vision is a different type of Swiss Army multifunction: a watch with a useful secondary role.

The Night Vision watch has a series of integrated LED lights that enhance it as a timekeeper and add new functions. The most notable LED is the one that's built into the top of the case, transforming the watch into a flashlight by shining a beam forward. That light also has a strobe function, which can be used as an emergency distress signal. A blue LED inside the dial illuminates the time at night. All three of those lights are activated by pushing a button on the side.

The watch also has a red pilot light designed to let its owner locate it in the dark, and a low-battery warning light.

The Night Vision watch was originally launched in 2003 and redesigned for this year. It is available in several different styles, starting at US$595. The new watch looks a little more distinguished and cleaner than the older version.

You can watch the Night Vision in action in the video below.

Source: Victorinox

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Too bad it's not amber. Cyclists could switch it on for a short duration and have a "turn signal".

Ross Nicholson

$595?? I'll buy a flashlight, thank you very much.

Juan de la Cruz
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