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Environmentally-friendly navigation - the Vexia Econav 435 GPS


September 1, 2009

The Vexia Econav 435 gives drivers recommendations on the most fuel-efficient way to reach...

The Vexia Econav 435 gives drivers recommendations on the most fuel-efficient way to reach their destination

As GPS navigation systems increase in popularity, the world’s fuel supplies simultaneously are in decline. However, the Vexia Econav 435 GPS is attempting to do its bit for the environment by offering a system that gives drivers information on the most economical route, which gear to use and when - even how firmly to accelerate. The manufacturers say the aim of the unit is to reduce drivers' fuel consumption by up to one third.

Spanish company Vexia's Econav 435 has several eco-friendly features aimed at reducing driving costs and fuel use. The drivers simply need enter their model of car (of which the database has over 6,000), the fuel type used, as well as the number of passengers they are carrying, and the Econav 435 will do the rest. Featured is an “Accelerator Pedal Indicator” which suggests how firmly to accelerate for optimum fuel economy, as well as a recommendations for which is the best gear to use and when.

As well as offering these tips on the most ecologically-sound method of driving, the system also displays directions of the smartest route. The unit features a 4.3” touch screen with 480 x 272 pixels, an SDHC expansion slot and a USB connection for future updating of maps.

The Econav 435 is set to be released in the UK this month for around ₤169.99 (USD$276), or ₤219.99 (USD$357) for a model with European maps.

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