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iBike POWERHOUSE adapts to fitness goals, abilities


July 21, 2012

Velocomp iBike POWERHOUSE has a number of programs to meet fitness goals

Velocomp iBike POWERHOUSE has a number of programs to meet fitness goals

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Velocomp has updated its iBike Dash CC with the release of the iBike POWERHOUSE iPhone app and bike mount case - an "intelligent cycling fitness system" designed to adjust automatically to your exercise goals.

When installed on the iPhone, the POWERHOUSE iPhone app performs an assessment of your fitness level, and then helps set fitness goals, which have been updated in the new release. There are a number of specialized apps that cater to certain goals such as iSlim, CycleMax, Express Fitness, Brazillian Butt, Weekend Warrior and Zero to 20 Miles. The iSlim and CycleMax fitness plans are included in the app, the rest will cost extra as an in-app purchase.

The app records activity on the bike such as speed, distance and cadence. It also prompts you to reach your goals during each workout. Depending on goal criteria, iBike POWERHOUSE prompts you to set a particular pace for each 45 to 90 minute bike ride. During each ride, your phone will set directed levels of effort. While you choose a workout goal, you also choose a starting level and progress to more difficult levels as your abilities improve.

The POWERHOUSE package includes a water and shock-resistant "smart case" for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The case has electronics that work with the phone to record cycling measurements and determine power output during workouts. It also comes with a wireless speed and cadence sensor so you can tell how fast you're traveling, but also the consistency at which you're pedaling. A handlebar mounting system secures the phone to your bike.

The Velocomp iBike POWERHOUSE - which includes the iPhone case, sensor and handlebar mount - is priced at US$279. The iBike POWERHOUSE app is free on iTunes, but additional fitness programs must be purchased in-app for $9.99.

Source: iBike Sports

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