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Vapur introduces foldable water bottle with built-in filter


June 6, 2013

Vapur MicroFilter

Vapur MicroFilter

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Vapur has added a helpful feature to its line of soft, collapsible "Anti Bottles." Not one to get too fancy with names, Vapur calls it the MicroFilter and sells it in a package with its 1-L Eclipse Anti-Bottle. The system provides a light, convenient way of purifying, carrying and drinking water in the wild.

With the MicroFilter, Vapur builds upon its strongest attribute: portability. Its Anti-Bottles are versatile for transport thanks to their soft, collapsible build. When empty, they can compact down and stow easily. When full, they still offer more pliability than other bottle options for stuffing into tight spaces.

The new MicroFilter works with the Anti-Bottle to create a highly portable, versatile filtration system. Unlike some other small, lightweight water purification systems, Vapur's system comes complete with a water bottle. Also, unlike other water bottle purification systems, this package stows in smaller pockets and spaces, providing a primary or emergency source of water purification. The bottle and microfilter weigh just 2.7 oz (77 g) together and the bottle can be rolled around the 7-inch (18-cm) filter unit when not in use.

The MicroFilter system is also easier to use than many other filters, allowing users to simply fill and drink instead of having to boil, zap, pump or otherwise manually treat the water. It even doubles as a sort of NDūR Survival Straw alternative, allowing users to drink and purify water directly from the source, and can be used to squeeze water from the Anti-Bottle into another container.

The 0.2-micron filter removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and 99.9 percent of protozoa. Like other filters, however, it does not work on viruses, a disadvantage when compared to UV systems like the ones linked above. Vapur says that a single filter can be used to purify more than 500 liters (132 gal) of water.

The new Vapur system has won recognition and awards from several prominent outdoor publications, including Outside and National Geographic. Vapur launched the new system this week for US$69.99.

Source: Vapur

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While this may be a good little water filter, and much like the rest of them out there, there is now portable water filter that will remove viruses from the water. It is also a straw water filter, but can't remember the name, but it will remove all viruses from the water, which is quite exciting as I have been waiting for one for years.

Adam Michaels
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