For many of us, the last thing we do before going to bed is to plug in and charge the smartphone. There are occasions, though, when fatigue gets the better of you and this important task gets forgotten until all the lights are out. That's where the USB Micro Light charging cable comes into the picture.

The USB Micro Light charging cable is being offered in two different lengths – 3 feet (0.91 meters) and 6 feet (1.82 meters). At one end is a full-size Type A USB connector that plugs into the charger and at the other, a micro-USB Type B connector with a forward-facing white built-in LED. The light is powered on by pressing a button on the top of the connector's outer shell.

This simple but useful concept is not yet available, however. Its creator, Dustin Orndorff from Winchester (VA), has hit the pages of Kickstarter to bring his idea to market. The early bird specials have all been snapped up by eager after-dark gadget users, so anyone wanting to secure a 3 ft USB Micro Light charging cable will have to stump up at least US$14, while the 6 ft version will require a pledge of $16.

A 6 ft curly cable is also available for $18, and a set of all three will require removing $35 from your wallet. Upon successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, units will begin shipping in March/April.

Orndorff introduces his patent-pending design in the Kickstarter pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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    • Good idea that has come too late, I'll just place my phone on a charging mat.

    • great idea. how about an HDMI cable that does the same? anyone who has tried to wire a laptop into a home theatre, in the dark, knows what i mean.

    • The bulky light should be moved back so the plastic at the end is smaller. My normal(smaller) cable barely fits the recessed socket in my phone as it is.

      Billy Sharpstick
    • My problem is figuring out which side of the plug is up. If I know that, it's no problem, but it's a good idea. So simple.

      Bob Tackett
    • Great idea! But I'm a total cheapskate. So I took one of those tiny $1 LED keychain lights and super-glued it to the top of my cable-end. Enough room to fit the plug and oriented so I know which way it fits. S'pose you could use a small velcro strip too and enable removal when the battery goes... DIY baby!

    • Nice simple idea, but just get yourself a Lumia 920 with wireless charging pad and goodbye cables

    • The idea is a very good one, I'm sure this could be shrunk to a smd led and hidden inside the hollow connector head. I don't think it's patentable as I'm sure I have a clear A to B usb lead with blue led's in it that is years old.

    • Brilliant, and given my experience with wireless charging, I like the "keep it simple" aspect of this. Also, I can't read in bed with a wireless charger, thank you.

      Charles Bosse
    • Looks like a good idea. I'd like to see a small window through the side of the connector so that when plugged into your phone some LED light shines out the 'top' of the connector indicating that there's still power to the charging port - similar to Samsung's charging plug for the Galaxy 3. Better yet just make the molded plug housing out of translucent material.


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