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November 4, 2009

TwitterPeek is the company's third data-only product

TwitterPeek is the company's third data-only product

In news for committed Tweeters (at least those without a smartphone), Peek has released what it says is the world’s first dedicated Twitter mobile device. TwitterPeek is the company's third data-only product (following on from the original and Peek Pronto) and like its predecessors, its key selling points are simplicity of function, low-cost and no contracts.

A US$99 outlay gets you 6 months of unlimited Twitter service and direct messages with charges of $7.95 per month after that. A second option for US$199 includes unlimited Twitter service for lifetime of device.

The "always-on" TwitterPeek has a full QWERTY keyboard, color screen and click scroll wheel. Peek promises Nationwide coverage in the U.S. and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The obvious drawback - it's another device to carry around, but if you're happy with the old faithful dumbphone and you're suffering from an uncontrollable urge to Tweet on the go, it could be worth a look.

Via Peek.

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