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Bultaco puts its motorcycle know-how into a 2,000-watt electric bike

When Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco announced its return to the market last year, we were expecting some new electric motorbikes. What we weren't necessarily expecting was an electric bicycle. For the first product launched in its second life, Bultaco has shrunk its electric powertrain technology down and put it to asphalt and dirt in the form of a full-throttle electric-assist mountain bike: the Brinco e-bike.Read More

Moto Pogo enters the one-wheeled electric scooter marketplace

It wasn't too long ago that we were all amazed by the introduction of the Segway – How can a vehicle with just two side-by-side wheels stay upright? we wondered. Since then, however, contraptions such as the Solowheel and OneWheel have shown that even a single wheel will work. The SBU and U3-X added a seat but took away the handlebars from the concept, while the Ryno has both a seat and bars. Now, Montreal-based entrepreneur Carl Dagenais is throwing his hat in the one-wheeled-scooter ring, with the Moto Pogo.Read More

London to trial cyclist detect systems at traffic lights

In what it calls a "world first," Transport for London (TfL) will trial cyclist detection systems at traffic lights in the city with a view to improving cycle-flow. The technology aims to detect the number of cyclists travelling along a route. It then adjusts traffic signal timings to give cyclists more time on green lights.Read More

Fast-charging EDDA electric bus shows promise for regular use

If electric buses are ever going to become a common sight in cities around the world, then they'll need to be able to operate like their traditional counterparts. This means no taking long breaks to recharge, or sacrificing seating space for the storage of huge batteries. While allowing them to draw power from the road is one alternative, the European EDDA Bus consortium is working on another – electric buses that can grab a quick charge at bus stops in just a few minutes.Read More

Mellow adds an electric drive to any old skateboard

Making the leap from a regular skateboard to an electric model isn't as natural as it might appear. The things are heavy, expensive and are usually controlled by some kind of weird trigger controller. On top of that, maybe you'd find it hard to part with your trusty old longboard anyway? German startup Mellow is looking to make the upgrade a little more palatable with an attachable electric drive that can be mounted to any existing board and give it a little more zip.Read More

New recumbent bike trades handlebars for a joystick

While they come in various forms, handlebars are a vital component on virtually every type of bike. From the standard 10-speed, to the cargo hauler, to the lean-back recumbent, a bicycle's handlebars provide a simple means of steering and control. As the name suggests, the Joystick Bike replaces the ubiquitous bars with a right-hand joystick, delivering precise control that makes riding a bike a little more like flying an aircraft or playing a video game.Read More


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