Urban Transport

The Hoverboard surfs the streets on a single wheel

We may still be waiting for the first true hoverboards, but one firm says its single-wheeler feels so like hovering that it's actually called the Hoverboard. The board is mounted atop a 10-in wheel, with users leaning forward to accelerate and backwards to decelerate or change direction.Read More

Electric longboard aims for 100 km/h

Some Gizmag readers may remember the Monolith. It’s an electric skateboard with in-wheel hub motors, that has a spritely top speed of 39 km/h (24 mph). Well, Slovenian startup NGV (Next Generation Vehicle) has built a similar board of its own. It’s called the Next Board, and its creators are aiming for a we’ll-believe-it-when-we-see-it top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph).Read More

Lexus Hoverboard gets off the ground

When it comes to taunting us with the prospect of a fully-functioning hoverboard, ambitious designers, startups and pranksters alike have really stepped up their game recently. But this effort from Lexus officially takes the cake. The automaker has released a short film of professional skateboarder Ross McGouran riding its magnetic levitation Hoverboard around a purpose-built skatepark, which, as you'd expect, makes for some pretty awesome viewing.Read More

Toyota fuel cell bus tested in Tokyo

Toyota and Hino Motors have begun testing a jointly-developed fuel cell bus in Tokyo, Japan. The brief test is designed to will help Toyota evaluate and improve the technology ahead of a possible market launch. Read More

Stary stakes claim on world's lightest electric skateboard mantle

A lot of the energy going into crafting the perfect electric skateboard at present is aimed at making the electrical components as inconspicuous as possible. Cramming batteries inside the deck, reducing controllers down into discrete handheld devices and now even hiding motors inside the wheels have all become part of the game. The Stary electric skateboard has gone down the hub motor route, and it's the latest to lay claim to weighing less than the others, an important characteristic when we're talking about last-mile transport.Read More

Lexus has developed a hoverboard ... seriously

For years, designers and startups have been attempting to mimic fiction and create a hoverboard like the one famously piloted by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. Those efforts have only accelerated now that it's 2015, the year in the "future" that the famous hoverboard scene was set. We never expected a luxury automaker to throw its hat into the hoverboard ring, but today (that's June 24, not April 1), that's exactly what Lexus did. Read More


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