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Longboardstroller lets you skateboard with your kid, literally

When you have kids, everything changes. Going for a short walk in the sunshine becomes an epic adventure, and doing anything as exciting as skateboarding is pretty much off the agenda. If only there was a way of combining skateboarding, getting outside in the sunshine for a while, and spending some quality time with your child. It turns out there is, and it's called the Longboardstroller.
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Lightweight composite Floatility electric scooter eats up that last mile

Aiming to keep urban commuters light off their feet, Hamburg/Singapore-based Floatility is developing an electric scooter made from a series of light, sturdy composites supplied by the material masters at BASF. The startup aims to offer urban networks of e-floaters as a "last mile" solution and will soon begin testing the idea out in its two base cities. Read More

Next Future modular transportation swarms the commuting hordes

Part mass transit, part personal mobility, the Next Future Transportation system is designed to act as an efficient, coordinated network that shuttles folks from door to door. Still in the early concept stages, the design features a series of modular, self-driving electric pods that pick passengers up on demand and link together in bus-like form on the journey to get each of them from point A to B as efficiently as possible. Read More

Funky INU electric scooter auto-folds in under 5 seconds

Away from the bright lights and cherry reds of the main Frankfurt Motor Show attractions, in a secondary hall filled with startup companies and electric bicycles, a smaller vehicle design caught our eye as quickly and fully as the all-new shape-shifting Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA. It's the INU folding scooter, and it looks a little like some type of wheeled insect. Step inside those wings and you'll find a sleek electric commuter with a smartphone-controlled folding system and other high-tech features.
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London Tube trains recover enough energy to power stations

According to Transport for London (TfL), the city's Underground carries 1.2 billion passengers a year over 402 km (250 mi) of track, with some stations handling 89 million passengers annually. That adds up to a fleet of trains covering 76.2 million km (47 million mi) and an energy bill that defines "enormous." In an effort to make the system greener and cheaper, the authority carried out a five-week trial of a regenerative braking system billed as a "world first" that could slice 5 percent off London Underground's energy bill and save up to £6 million (US$9 million) per year.Read More

High-speed rail from LA to Las Vegas gets on track

The trip from LA to Las Vegas may only take an hour by air, but the hassles associated with air travel have seen numerous proposals for a high-speed rail link between the two cities floated over the years. Lack of cash has usually proven the insurmountable hurdle, but after failing to secure a US$5.5 billion federal loan, XpressWest has found another way forward by teaming up with China Railway International USA in a joint venture that could see the link begin construction in late 2016.Read More

Liberty Trike ain't your grandpa's mobility scooter – but it could be

Although mobility scooters may be a godsend to the elderly and other people who have difficulty getting around, they certainly don't provide much in the way of exercise. Electric Bike Technologies' folding Liberty Trike is designed to change that. Riders can use it in plain ol' throttle mode just like on a regular scooter, but they can also pedal if they want.Read More


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