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Tami Rhino Motorised Off-road Skateboard

The Tami Rhino motorised "mountainboard" takes skating into unchartered territory, adding a 33cc 1.7hp two-stroke engine and nine inch tyres to an over sized deck to create a stand-up ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) capable of speeds up to 35kmh...  Read More

Hermes carving fuel cell three-wheeler

It's not a car and it's not a motorcycle, in fact there's not yet a word to describe the type of vehicle envisioned by the Hermes; a three wheel self balancing concept manoeuvred by intuitive steering that redefines the sensation of single person transport... it offers low trajectory flight without leaving the bitumen.  Read More

Benelli Car-Bike Hybrid offers best of both worlds

The Benelli Adiva is one of the most interesting new concepts in personal transportation for many years - a two-wheeled cabriolet scooter offering more collision and weather protection than any other available two wheeler, yet all the parking, accessibility and agility advantages of a small motorcycle. In European cities, where parking and road space is limited, this type of car-scooter hybrid is beginning to get a lot of attention as commuters are exploring new, more convenient types of personal transport.  Read More

High-Powered In-Line Skates

In-line skating commuters may be joining motorists in petrol station queues with the introduction of Power Blades - a pair of aluminium frame in-line skates weighing a total of 7.2kg with a 22cc engine attached...  Read More

Eco-Friendly Australian Concept

The Skipee concept motorcycle is constructed from predominantly recycled materials and powered an electric engine housed in the rear wheel.  Read More

Spidi Airbag Jacket

The concept of airbags has saved many lives in car accidents but the inherent vulnerability of the motorcyclist is difficult to address. The recent introduction by Spidi of an airbagtype jacket is worth some consideration for those who wish to minimise the risks...  Read More

SmartTire makes sense

Another example of automotive technology bred on the racetrack, SmartTire is a tyre monitoring system that immediately alerts the driver of any drop in pressure via a dash-mounted display.  Read More

Aprilia's Electric Assist Bicycle - sensible inner city commuter

The prospect of testing an electrically-assisted bicycle appealed to no-one at Gizmo. A bicycle weighing 29kg is positively obese and the top speed of 27kmh can be achieved easily by most relatively fit humans. Yet, by the end of our two week test period, there wasn't a single person who rode it who didn't rave about the experience. The Enjoy is aptly named.The Aprilia Enjoy is the most convincing argument we've yet seen for hybrid vehicles. Elsewhere this issue you will read about Honda's latest concept cars which use a combination of electric and conventional power units. The Aprilia uses a combination of electricity and human power and until you feel the way in which the microprocessor blends the electric assist with one's own endeavours, you won't understand how compatible the two power sources are.  Read More

BMW StreetCarver - high speed, high thrill, high cost skateboard

July 2002 It looks like a skateboard but feels more like a snowboard. It costs between three and four times more than the previously most expensive skateboard.It is much larger than it looks, and it's heaps of fun. It is the BMW Streetcarver and it's one of the more bizarre brand extensions to come from the automotive segment in recent years, (see also the Chrysler Razor Concept Car and the Ford Tonka Truck) particularly given that the skateboard fraternity is hardcore, hard baked, irreverent and the US$695 price of the StreetCarver is a lot of money in any language. But the StreetCarver is not a normal skateboard. With the sport of snowboarding gaining instant legitimacy thanks to the winter Olympics, BMW's StreetCarver is reaching the market at exactly the right time. Though it gets its edge in a different way to a snowboard, it sweeps and carves in exactly the same way, and is an absolute hoot to ride.  Read More

Electric Scooters reach viability as urban transport

Once they were just environmentally friendly. Now they represent a very practical transport technology and when negligible running costs are factored in, a VERY affordable one too. We ride two of the first of this new breed and report on what's coming ... with links.  Read More

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