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Urban Transport

French Designer ETUD previews Scooto

French design and engineering studio ETUD Intégral will be displaying its Scooto at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. A mix between a scooter and a car, this vehicle is a realistic vision of a new alternative transport. Powered by clean energy, it is the ideal answer to 'intermodality." This 'micro urb...  Read More

Quark fuel-cell roadgoing QUAD

Peugeot's futuristic prototype two-seater, 4WD Quark was built to showcase the company's fuel cell technology. The Quark has a removable interactive interface, which appears to be a PDA on steroids. The unit serves the same purpose as an ignition key and is used in conjunction with an instrument panel. Positioned in its housing, it provides information concerning the traction system and the fuel cell, speed, SATNAV, etc ... protected by a small transparent and waterproof cover, it allows the vehicle to be started when in place and immobilises it when removed. Far more than just a show floor dummy, the Quark competed successfully at the recent Michelin Bibendum Challenge.  Read More

Snowboarding on the street

Snowboarding and skateboarding are very different, mainly because a skateboard doesn't have that sharp edge for carving and the same degree of drift or controlled sliding behaviour. Until now! Two innovative Californian companies have designed skateboards offering the ride of a snowboard on tarmac.  Read More

Hydrogen-powered zero-emission Scooter

It acts like a 50cc two-stroke scooter in every respect but that of emissions - instead of producing mass hydrocarbons, it produces water. One of the most interesting new transportion initiatives in years, the German Aqwon is not what you'd expect - instead of being powered by electricity derived from a hydrogen fuel cell, the Aqwon burns hydrogen as its fuel.  Read More


One of the more interesting personal transportation devices we have seen in recent times is the German-made EasyGlider - an electrically-powered wheel with a handle that offers a quite unique motive experience, exhilarating speed and a range of 35km on each charge.  Read More

Skateboard folds to the size of a laptop

Skateboarding isn't new, and there's a whole generation of twenty and thirty-something year olds who have lost many a square inch of skin while honing remarkable skills on these devices once seen as a solely juvenile pastime. But as much fun as they may be, they are still fairly rudimentary devices which are a pain to carry due to their size and weight, which doesn't sit all that well with a suit. Enter the StowBoard - use it to get from point A to point much faster than you'd ever do walking and then fold its generous 31" length to just under 11" for stowage. In fact, the stowed board is probably smaller than your notebook.  Read More

Embrio One-Wheel Concept

This hydrogen fuel cell powered, gyroscopically balanced, one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle provides an extraordinary vision of the kind of personal transport we could be using 20 years from now.  Read More

BUSHPIG 20mph Motorised Skateboard

UPDATED March 2005 Somewhere between a mini-motorcycle and a motorised-skateboard lies the Wheelman Bushpig, a new form of motorised transport that utilises motor and frame supported at each end by a spokeless wheel into which feet can be inserted whilst standing upright. The use of wheels without axles not only adds to the intriguing design but also provides a very low centre of gravity , strength and a significant saving in weight as well as giving you somewhere to put your feet. Check out the new video of the BUSHPIG in action inside!  Read More

Honda's 750cc Elysium Concept used a CVT and ahad a retractable roof. The Elysium was show...

The product of several ongoing trends in the two-wheeled arena, Honda's concept Elysium is futuristic all-weather mega-scooter.Yamaha started it all with the 250 Majesty, Suzuki followed with a 400 scooter, Yamaha went to the T-Max 500 and Suzuki countered with the Suzuki 650 Bergman we tested in Gizmo 5.Honda's new concept continues the capacity creep for scooters of recent years and trumps them all, being powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke flat-4 engine with a low center of gravity and plenty of grunt.  Read More

Suzuki's original Burgman 650, as tested

It's a scooter to look at, but the 650cc, fuel-injected motor and electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission of the Suzuki Burgman offer far more than the styling would suggest. When one thinks scooters, the first thought is immediately one of a small capacity machine designed for inner city commuting applications ­- the Burgman is very different machine, although it visually shares the same form factor.  Read More

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