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Honda's 750cc Elysium Concept used a CVT and ahad a retractable roof. The Elysium was show...

The product of several ongoing trends in the two-wheeled arena, Honda's concept Elysium is futuristic all-weather mega-scooter.Yamaha started it all with the 250 Majesty, Suzuki followed with a 400 scooter, Yamaha went to the T-Max 500 and Suzuki countered with the Suzuki 650 Bergman we tested in Gizmo 5.Honda's new concept continues the capacity creep for scooters of recent years and trumps them all, being powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke flat-4 engine with a low center of gravity and plenty of grunt.  Read More

Suzuki's original Burgman 650, as tested

It's a scooter to look at, but the 650cc, fuel-injected motor and electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission of the Suzuki Burgman offer far more than the styling would suggest. When one thinks scooters, the first thought is immediately one of a small capacity machine designed for inner city commuting applications ­- the Burgman is very different machine, although it visually shares the same form factor.  Read More

Solar Challenge car to form basis of Ultra-commuter

The UltraCommuter concept is an ultra-light weight, solar powered commuter vehicle specifically designed to meet Australian urban transport requirements.  Read More

Buggy Rollin': Full-body in-line skating

Buggy Rollin' is a fledgling sport that takes in-line skating to the extreme by adding wheels to a full-body armature so that every possible point of contact between you and the ground is covered.  Read More

Aerorider: Fully-Enclosed electric-assist bicycle

Aerorider is an urban commuting solution that cheats wind, rain and traffic to provide a low-cost, environmentally friendly mode of transport. When using the electric motor to assist pedalling, the single-person Aerorider can achieve speeds of 45 kmh...  Read More

Sit-down skateboarding at speed

The Body-Cart is an ergonomically designed, motorised, three-wheeled full-body skateboard capable of covering 70km on a single tank of fuel at speeds up to 28kmh.  Read More

Kangoo Jumps: trampolines for your feet

Evoking images of astronauts bounding across the surface of the moon, Kangoo Jumps are low impact rebound sport shoes designed to provide a safe platform for jogging and other exercises that are notoriously hard on the joints. The boots use a lightweight leaf-spring to absorb shocks due to impact on the ground and create a rebound effect that reduces shock impact on ankles, knees, hips and lower back by up to 60%. Originally developed in Switzerland for joggers, Kangoo Jumps also provide benefits for athletic strengthening and conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention, group aerobics (renamed Kangoo'Robic by converts), games, or just plain fun.The unique floating sensation created by Kangoo Jumps has to be experienced to be understood. The Jumps deliver the benefit of 50 minutes exercise in only 20 minutes and the injury prevention potential has already caught the attention of several elite football teams. The boots can be used indoors or outdoors on paved roads, dirt paths and grass as well as at the beach or on snow.  Read More

Tami Rhino Motorised Off-road Skateboard

The Tami Rhino motorised "mountainboard" takes skating into unchartered territory, adding a 33cc 1.7hp two-stroke engine and nine inch tyres to an over sized deck to create a stand-up ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) capable of speeds up to 35kmh...  Read More

Hermes carving fuel cell three-wheeler

It's not a car and it's not a motorcycle, in fact there's not yet a word to describe the type of vehicle envisioned by the Hermes; a three wheel self balancing concept manoeuvred by intuitive steering that redefines the sensation of single person transport... it offers low trajectory flight without leaving the bitumen.  Read More

Benelli Car-Bike Hybrid offers best of both worlds

The Benelli Adiva is one of the most interesting new concepts in personal transportation for many years - a two-wheeled cabriolet scooter offering more collision and weather protection than any other available two wheeler, yet all the parking, accessibility and agility advantages of a small motorcycle. In European cities, where parking and road space is limited, this type of car-scooter hybrid is beginning to get a lot of attention as commuters are exploring new, more convenient types of personal transport.  Read More

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