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Harley-Davidson to build carving trikes

June 16, 2007 We've always been excited about the prospects for three wheeled conveyances. Way back in September 2006, (which seems like ancient history in internet years), Lehman Trikes and Harley-Davidson announced that they had entered into an agreement for the development of three-wheeled machines based on Harley “motorcycle product” and sold as Harley-Davidson branded vehicles through authorized Harley-Davidson dealers. Given that Lehman has been making a range of turnkey Harley trikes, conversion kits and accessories for 20 years, with two wheels at the back and a motorcycle front-end, the announcement didn’t get a lot of attention. A recent patent filing by Harley makes the whole story suddenly much more exciting. It appears that Harley isn’t far from releasing a stunning new “carving” model .Read More

New Human Powered Vehicle records on land and water

June 6, 2007 It’s been a good few weeks for Human Powered Vehicle fans with Sam Whittingham reclaiming the fastest human record from Fast Freddy Markham by pedalling 53.917 miles in an hour and then Greg Kolodziejzyk setting a new human powered boat record for 24 hours, pedalling 173.76 km. Both are experienced campaigners with Sam now again holding the HPV top speed (an unbelievable 81 mph) record and the endurance (one hour record) the current world HPV record holder for both top speed, at 81mph, and endurance: 53.917 miles covered in 1 hour. For Kolodziejzyk, who set the 24 hour land HPV record at 1046.94 km (650.538 miles) last year, it’s just the start of a new adventure as he begins to prepare for a human powered transatlantic crossing in 2008. If 24 hours is an endurance record, what category does the anticipated 40 day crossing fit into?Read More

GPS mapping enriched with historical traffic speed data

May 30, 2007 Satellite navigation can already tell you the shortest route from A to B, or the way that uses the most high-speed freeways - but on a gridlocked arterial freeway, speed limits are more of an insult than an indication of travel speed. That's why Tele Atlas have included new information in their latest U.S. mapping data so your SatNav system can analyse 2 years' worth of historical traffic speed data and tell you which route is likely to get you there fastest at a particular time of day.Read More

Google street view: 360 degree views from any point on the map.

May 30, 2007 You've got to hand it to Google, they keep coming out with big ideas and amazing us with great execution. Our jaws dropped this morning with the release of Street View, an immersive addition to Google Earth and Google Maps that lets you virtually walk around a number of major U.S. cities with a 360 degree view every ten metres or so down each street. Thanks Google, you just saved me a fortune in travel.Read More

Razor Ripstik cashes in on the caster board wave.

May 27, 2007 Hot on the heels of the EssBoard, the eXboard and the Wave Board comes another two-wheeled caster board, the Ripstik from Razor. Feeling a bit like a snowboard to ride, caster boards look kind of like a skateboard with a twisty bit in the middle - but they use a single, free-rotating caster at each end rather than the skateboard's four wheels on two flexible axles. Fishtailing the rear end of the board produces forward power, meaning a rider can climb a hill without putting his foot down - and the unique steering properties of a rotating caster at each end mean the Ripstik turns on a dime under a pair of expert feet.Read More

Public transport information to your mobile phone in real time

May 24, 2007 The mobile phone's abilities remain vastly underused by the average owner; mobile applications have yet to really take root in our lives. But forward thinking companies like Finland's VTT realise the value of having a screen in every pocket that they can communicate with, and are moving to use the ubiquitous cell phone in creatively commercial ways. Their latest project is a real-time public transport information system operating in two of Finland's major cities.Read More

Bicycle helmets - a road safety hazard?

May 14, 2007 A British scientist has proved that wearing a bicycle helmet actually exposes cyclists to further risk. Overtaking traffic passed helmeted cyclists with significantly less room than unhelmeted cyclists - and the bigger the vehicle, the closer the average passing distance was. As civilised as we pretend to be elsewhere, we consistently act like might is right on our roads.Read More

Road/rail vehicles taking shape, including a new ultra light rail dual mode passenger vehicle.

May 10, 2007 Since we last reported on the BladeRunner we've been keeping an eye our for further news on the innovative high efficiency British train/truck. Now it seems the vehicle's innovative Steering Control System is finally under review by the UK government and the company is looking to begin developing a fuel cell powered ultra light rail passenger system based on the high efficiency technology.Read More

Polaris Revolver Roadgoing Sport Quadricycle Concept

March 5, 2007 One of the most obvious trends in the development of personalised sporting vehicles in recent times has been the resurgence of quadricycles and an array of new takes on a very old theme – Henry Ford’s first vehicle was a quadricycle and the first mass-produced automobile, Karl Benz’ VELO which was first produced in 1984 and competed in the very first auto race was also essentially a quad. Quads get twice as much rubber on the road as a motorcycle, have a similarly excellent power-to-weight ratio and exude an air of fun which is very appealing. According to Polaris, research has shown that many of the ATVs currently sold in Europe are homologated for on-road use as quadricycles and that a market exists because virtually all of today’s rider active, street-legal, homologated quadricycles are off-road vehicles that have been adapted for on-road use. The Revolver Sport Quadricycle concept proposes a new solution – a purpose built vehicle designed to deliver good off-road performance combined with a new level of on-road capability. Powered by a lightweight 500cc liquid-cooled 4-valve engine, the Revolver debuted at the Paris Motorcycle Show in late 2005, and was reworked in its styling for the 2007 Michelin Design Challenge which was part of the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. Both times, it received rave reviews. Even the press releases from the company hint that it isn’t far away from a production announcement.Read More


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