Urban Transport

New e-bike and scooter sure don't look retro

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the design of electric vehicles. On the one hand, there are people who think that in order to gain mainstream acceptance, the vehicles should look as normal as possible. On the other, some people believe that such innovative technology should be reflected with unconventional looks. Falling firmly in the latter category are ETT Industries' new Raker electric scooter and Trayser e-bike.Read More

Electric rollerblades go off the beaten track

There are a good many ways to get from the train station to work in motor-assisted style, including folding bikes or scooters and one wheelers or skateboards, but last mile transport choices are not so plentiful if your journey includes zipping through dirt tracks and forest trails. Poland's Jack Skopinski, the force behind the EV4 tilting electric quad we covered last year, has come up with a stand-up contender for the off-road-with-ease crown – some electric off-road rollers with rubber tracks.Read More

Self-balancing wheelchair goes hands-free

A New Zealand designer is revamping the traditional wheelchair design with a new model that frees the arms of the user. Instead of using the hands to create movement, the user moves their upper body to direct the two wheels. Kevin Halsall was inspired to develop Ogo after noticing a friend's difficulties with a traditional wheelchair, and deciding that things could be better.
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Tokyo trial for two-wheeled Toyota

Toyota's two-wheeled personal mobility vehicle, the Winglet, is to be trialed on public sidewalks in the Tokyo Waterfront City district Japan's capital city. Unveiled in 2008, the Winglet is similar to the the Segway, albeit a little more streamlined, with users shifting their bodyweight to control it.Read More

Wheela scootbike: A minimalist Dandy Horse for the modern age

Harking back to the pre-bicycle days of the Dandy Horse, the Wheela scootbike places riders in a sitting position from which they propel themselves by kicking along the ground like a scooter. But unlike it's wooden-framed forebear, the Wheela uses modern materials, folds down for easy carrying, and offers the option of an electric motor.Read More

CycleBoard carves turf with smooth lean-to-steer system

Choices in personal mobility vehicles are numerous these days, many of which feature some form of electric motor or pedal assistance. The latest electric scooter to hit the streets adds a bit of fun by offering multiple riding styles. The CycleBoard electric scooter is designed with an intuitive steering system that uses foot placement and body balance.Read More

First all-electric double-decker buses roll out in London

London's famed red buses are set to receive a little dash of green, thanks to five new all-electric additions to the fleet. After being formally received at a ceremony last week, the new local emissions-free vehicles will now be rolled out along service routes where pollution is of particular concern.Read More

SleepBus will provide mobile sleeping pods for the homeless

One of the difficulties in addressing homelessness is that homeless populations can rise or fall more quickly than is possible to react to, leaving areas under- or over-resourced. The Sleepbus, however, will provide a mobile haven for people sleeping rough, that can move where it's needed.Read More

Veemo velomobile could be yours to use, for 28 cents a minute

While bicycle-sharing services can come in very handy, not everyone wants to pedal a bike everywhere they go. Car-sharing co-ops are certainly one alternative, although they require users to have a driver's license. That's where VeloMetro comes into the picture. The Vancouver-based startup is developing a point-to-point service that will allow users to rent a sort of e-bike/car hybrid, known as the Veemo.Read More


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