Urban Transport

Changing tracks: HTT reveals blueprint for cheaper and safer Hyperloop system

Shuttling passenger pods through low-friction tubes at close to the speed of sound is a vision that needs to clear numerous hurdles to become a reality, but add a 15-year-old technological concept to that vision and you suddenly have much more viable transport system. At least that's how Hyperloop Transportation Technologies sees it, announcing plans to float passenger modules over its tracks using passive magnetic levitation that will make the Hyperloop both cheaper and safer.Read More

Production begins on a REAL hoverboard

When it was first announced at the end of last year, the hovering ArcaBoard was viewed with skepticism by many people. Since then, however, the device has been publicly demonstrated – and it has now reportedly entered production.Read More

Alinker foldable walking trike provides an upright mobility alternative

A more empowering alternative to the walker or mobility scooter, the Alinker is a walking trike designed for those that need a bit of assistance getting around but want to do so under their own steam. The curvy vessel provides needed support and takes the load off the lower limbs, while allowing the rider to remain upright and move forward under his or her own power.Read More

London transparent about its new solar bus shelters

Dark dreary bus shelters could soon be a thing of the past after London's first transparent solar bus shelter was switched on at the Canary Wharf business district on Friday. The shelter is reported capable of producing enough electricity for a standard London home for a year and will be used to power signage and other transport infrastructure around the Canary Wharf estate.Read More

PodRide blurs the line between bike and car

If you're a regular Gizmag reader, then you're probably familiar with velomobiles – they're recumbent tricycles covered with an aerodynamic shell, often featuring an electric motor to assist with the pedalling. Intended to fill a niche between bicycle and car, they're still quite a rare sight in most of the world … perhaps because they're just too weird to be big sellers. Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman has set out to change that, with his decidedly car-like PodRide.Read More

Nimble cargo scooter hauls gear through "Urban" spaces

We've seen plenty of cargo bikes, a few electric cargo scooters and a number of luggage-hauling kick scooters, but general cargo kick scooters? Not so many. In fact, if you scour the internet for such a vessel, your search will likely be dominated by one company: California's Nimble Scooters, which is now launching the new "Urban" cargo scooter, a design that's smoother, lighter and more versatile than its original Classic. The new scooter takes short trips while carrying more than 50 lb (23 kg) of gear or goods.
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